6/26 Prospect Spotlight: 2021 Bigs

There are number of athletic frontcourt players in the 2021 class. We are looking at some agile bigs today.

Kaleb Applebey (6-8 C, Mt. Carmel)

Applebey is a dominant big with good footwork, skills, and next-level strength. A multi-sport athlete, he is more explosive than he looks. Applebey has good range from the outside and enough ball skills to attack closeouts. He was an automatic double-double, averaging 19.2 points and 12.2 rebounds en route to all-state recognition. Whether or not he chooses to play college basketball is a valid question, but he has the size, athleticism, and touch to be an effective post player in college.

Scottie Ebube (6-7 C, Mundelein)

Widely considered one of the best true centers in the state, Ebube plays like a grown man in the paint. He is a physical rebounder who will shed box out attempts to get to the ball. His length is an asset that will allow him to play center in college even at 6-foot-7. With power and touch, Ebube is a consistent contact finisher below and above the rim. Defensively, he is an intimidating shot blocker, especially on help side. A number of mid-majors have offered.

Henry Krzyzewski (6-9 C, Metea Valley)

One of the tallest players in the state, Krzyzewski is easily noticeable in the layup lines. He is still growing into his body, but understands positioning well. He separates on guard penetration to create passing angles and has good touch from around the lane. Krzyzewski goes vertical to contest shots, which will be important going forward since he is not a high-level leaper. Merchant Marine Academy has offered already.

Robert Roszkiewicz (6-7 PF, Addison Trail)

Mobility and activity are two traits every college coach looks for in a forward today. Roszkiewicz has both as well as a promising face-up game. He has shown the ability to step out and knock down mid-range shots and threes, even off the dribble. Roszkiewicz is comfortable putting the ball on the deck from the high post. At 6-foot-7 with explosive leaping ability off two, he is regularly disrupting shot attempts around the rim. Roszkiewicz has received offers from the Merchant Marine Academy and Governor’s State.

Caleb Slawinski (6-7 PF, St. Joseph’s)

More of a combo forward than a four, Slawinski is mismatch for post players with his quickness. He has a projectable frame and long arms that hint towards a high ceiling. Slawinski has a quick second jump that allows him to pull down offensive rebounds and score over defenders in traffic. With his speed running rim to rim, he should be able to excel in the pick-and-roll game as well.

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