7/5 Prospect Spotlight: 2021 Guards

We are highlighting some combo guards in the 2021 class that could attract some small colleges.

Daeshawn Hemphill (6-2 SG, Evanston)

Playing in a complementary role at Evanston, Hemphill does a little bit of everything to help the team. He is a strong 6-foot-2 with toughness and quickness on the defensive end. Hemphill can shoot the three but opens up a lot as a driver. In what should be a high-expectation year for Evanston, Hemphill will continue to be a key backcourt player that leads in his role.

TJ Price (6-1 SG Springfield Lanphier)

Price is a two-guard that has a scorer’s mentality. He has good length despite being 6-foot-1, which allows him to be a pest on the ball defensively. Price was streaky as a shooter as a junior, but has deep range and the ability to catch fire from three. The lefty is more than a shooter, capable of mixing it up in the paint offensively and as a rebounder. Price will look to attract more interest with a big senior season for Lanphier.

Carson Prost (6-3 SG, Mt. Vernon)

A tall combo guard, Prost is a well-rounded player that can score or distribute. There are no predetermined movements in his game, making the plays that are available to him. Prost changes speeds well to beat defenders off the dribble, especially to his right hand. His pull-up has nice balance and he can score off spot ups from behind the arc. He has the versatility to be a scorer or use his vision to rack up assists. Prost should be getting some interest from high-academic NAIA/D3s.

Colton Sigel (6-0 SG, Rock Island)

Sigel is an outside shooting specialist that doesn’t leave a lot of opportunities on the table. If his man goes a step too far in the help, he is money as a catch-and-shoot player. Sigel flows within the offense, moving the ball when he doesn’t have an open look. On the other end, he is a competitive defender that understands positioning. Sigel should have a chance to play at a small college with his floor spacing ability and IQ.

Aidan Stephens (6-3 SG, Downers Grove North)

Stephens brings good size to the backcourt at 6-foot-3. He can play all three spots on the perimeter with his activity and athleticism. Playing off the ball, he does a nice job of quickly setting his feet and has a repeatable release from three. Stephens will attack closeouts in a straight line to finish as well. He shoots the ball at a college level and has an athletic frame at his position. With his willingness to do the dirty work, Stephens should find coaches who are interested.

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