7/17 Prospect Spotlight: 2021 Wings

The spotlight today is on 2021 wing players.

Trenton Askew (6-6 SF, Lane Tech)

The two-way potential is there for Askew. Still growing into his 6-foot-6 frame, Askew has guard skills with the shooting and ball-handling to play on the perimeter. He has a good finish to his shot and is an unselfish passer. Askew also has the potential to be a defensive stopper with his physical tools.

Taijon Barry (6-4 SF, Eisenhower)

Barry is a star defensive player with the versatility to guard perimeter and post players. He has good length and an innate ability to get deflections, blocks, and steals. Offensively, Barry is a transition finisher with improving ability to create off the dribble. He has high upside that should attract college interest.

Drew Thompson (6-2 SG, Effingham)

Thompson can fill it up offensively, shooting the ball at a high clip from way outside. He is a college-ready shooter with fluid form and the skill to shoot off the dribble. He can dance with the ball a little bit when needed, but plays well driving in straight lines. Though he’s more of a two guard, Thompson is a capable playmaker as well. Thompson plays with a chip and will be a player for colleges to watch for his senior season.

Nathan Thompson (6-5 SF, Effingham)

Rocking an old school haircut, Thompson looks like a star player from the 80s. But the lanky wing can do a lot on the floor. He shoots it well off the catch, but really excels using his length to finish in the lane. He can hit a variety of layups against size, regularly getting to the basket. Thompson is effective as defender, especially off the ball where he can use his anticipation. With good size and skill at his size, Thompson offers an intriguing package for teams.

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