12/6 EBA Ice Run Evaluations

I checked out a run for some varsity players that was organized by EBA Ice. Here are the evaluations from the event.

2021 Players

Jadyn Benson (6’4 SG, Mount Carmel)

The smooth shooter from Mount Carmel got better as the run went on. He made sound passes and cut well to open space. Outside shooting is probably his best skill, hitting a handful of threes in a row at one point. There were games where he probably hit four or five threes effortlessly. He plays bigger than his listed height with his length and activity defensively. He knifed to the basket with his long strides and finished well. Benson has a composure about his game that will translate to the next level.

Jabari Hill (6’4 PF, Marist)

Hill was aggressive in the paint, especially as a slasher. Even at 6-foot-4, he has a big build that allows him to play through contact. Hill has a decent shot, but did a lot of work attacking the rim.

Cam Mallory (6’4 SG, Lincoln Way East)

Mallory played in a few games and showed some flashes of his shot-making. He is a fluid open court athlete that has a lot of different ways to get to his shot. You could tell that Mallory didn’t really warm up, but by the last few games he looked loose. Wiry and bouncy, Mallory had a sidestep three and a poster dunk during the scrimmage. He is an intriguing wing scorer.

Johnny Melvin (6’4 SF, Orr)

This was my first time seeing the transfer from Texas. Melvin has the look of a Division-1 prospect with a college-ready body and highlight-reel athleticism. He handles the ball well in space and has good footwork making moves to get separation. Melvin gets very good rotation on his jump shot, shooting a few feet behind the three-point line. The big wing possesses body control and power when he gets up in the air for his finishes. There were a few standout plays, including some dunks and blocks well above the rim. Defensively, Melvin has everything you look for from a physical perspective. It will just be a matter of whether or not he commits to being elite on that end. Melvin is another big-time transfer at Orr.

Myles Olegbegi (6’0 G, Lincoln Way East)

Olegbegi was active defensively and communicated well throughout the run. He even got on the floor for some loose balls. At 6-foot, he can guard both backcourt spots well with solid athleticism. Olegbegi showed good form and shooting range as well. He hit jumpers during the drills and carried it into the scrimmages.

2022 Players

Ethan Aluyi (6’5 PF, Lincoln Way East)

Aluyi is a wide-bodied four man that has soft touch. During the drills, he was making a good amount of threes off the catch. He is an excellent screener that understands how to give his teammates an advantage with ball screens or away screens. Aluyi showed good hands and rebounded his area well. At 6-foot-5 with some length, he gets the ball out of his hands early in the paint. The lefty big has a lot of tools to work with and should be even tougher with a college strength program.

Frank DeCarlo (5’10 PG, Lincoln Way Central)

DeCarlo had a productive day scoring and setting up teammates. The crafty lead guard found different ways to collapse the defense and either score himself or dump off for easy looks. DeCarlo has a compact shooting form that extends past the college line, connecting on some threes with confidence during the scrimmages. He uses his leverage well when driving to the basket, showing good burst. I would expect DeCarlo to be a high-level pick-and-roll playmaker even at 5-foot-10 with his decision making and shooting.

Josh Ellison (6’1 G, Marist)

Ellison is a physical combo guard that can shoot it from three. He dominated the 1-on-1 portion of the event using his strength to get where he wanted with the ball. The Marist junior hit a few long threes during the scrimmages and was controlling the pace for his team. A returning varsity player, Ellison should have a solid junior year.

Ethan Gallagher (6’4 SG, Lockport)

Gallagher is an athletic, physical wing that contributes in a lot of ways. He was very tough in transition using his strength to finish effectively. You can tell that he is a highly competitive kid that hates to lose. Gallagher can defend three positions at this level with how well he moves his feet and his grit when defending and rebounding on the interior. His jump shot is still a work in progress, but he started to make some towards the end of the scrimmages. He created some separation at one point for a baseline jumper. The athleticism, size, slashing ability, and defensive versatility make Gallagher an interesting prospect. He will be a big weapon for Lockport this year.

Caleb Hannah (6’5 G/F, Orr)

Hannah’s length stood out right away. He has a plus wingspan and ideal height at 6-foot-5. His outside stroke looked projectable and fluid, hitting a couple of threes off the catch. He can slash a bit as well, putting his length to good use. Hannah projects as a multi-positional defender who has the ability get in passing lanes. The 2022 wing transferred to Orr where there are a number of other impact newcomers.

Sean Meeks (6’3 SG, Providence)

Meeks is a 6-foot-3 guard that can knock down some outside shots. He made a few threes and drove to the rim well on multiple occasions. Meeks has good size and can stretch the defense or attack in straight lines.

Owen Moran (6’3 SG, Providence)

Moran has a nice looking shot that he showed during the drill portion and in parts of the scrimmage. He wasn’t very aggressive during the run, but he made some of his open looks.

Vincent Payne (6’3 G/F, Marian Catholic)

The lefty was looking to make an impact with his shooting during the scrimmages. He had a few threes from the corners. Outside of that, he scored a bit in transition and as a cutter.

Jack Vegter (6’4 SG, Lincoln Way East)

I knew Vegter could shoot but his all-around game was very impressive. Any time a defender sunk under a screen or sagged off, he sprayed in a three. His ball-handling was crisp when he put the ball on the ground. He had a good pull-up off of a crossover move. Vegter’s competitiveness and toughness stood out. He was all over ball-handlers, took a charge, and used his 6-foot-4 size well. Vegter should be a reliable floor spacer and solid position defender in college.

Jack Wajda (6’2 G/F, Providence)

Wajda is a strong wing with some production as a spot-up shooter. He looked decent from the outside during drills. With an athletic build, Wajda does a nice job rebounding and holding his ground defensively.

2023 Players

Brady Kunka (6’2 SG, Benet)

You couldn’t tell that Kunka was the only sophomore at the run. He’s got really good strength for a guard, rebounding well in traffic. Kunka’s shooting ability is his best skill at this point. He gets his feet set quickly and can shoot on the move or off the catch. There were a number of long threes that he knocked down throughout the scrimmages. His lift allows him to come off screens and shoot over contesting hands. A really solid all-around player, Kunka had some nice passes as well. Kunka could be next in a line of tough Benet guards.


Nolan Sexton (5’11 PG, Evergreen Park)

Sexton is a quick, skilled point guard that plays with great pace. He was beating defenders with his first step and didn’t hesitate to challenge taller players in the paint. Even as a freshman, he was one of the best ball-handlers at the event. Sexton gets his shot off quickly and has some serious range. He made a three behind a screen and pulled up off a handoff during the scrimmages. There are a lot of varsity teams that would have Sexton up. He’s definitely a point guard to track in the 2024 class.

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