Riverside Brookfield Standouts

It was great to see college coaches and fans in the gym for the Riverside Brookfield shootout. I caught a number of games on the stream and watched some of the replays of the top games. Here are some of the players who stood out from the teams that I saw.

Saint Ignatius

Rich Barron (6’5 SG, 2023)

The size and force that Barron possesses as a guard were a problem. Barron scored at the rim a few times and knocked down a three. He has a nice combination of handle, footwork, shooting, and size. Barron is a mid-major plus prospect with an offer from DePaul already.

Kolby Gilles (6’5 SF, 2022)

Gilles was impressive using his physicality to get to the rim and make plays for himself and his teammates. He drove with a purpose, played through contact in traffic, and had a powerful dunk in transition. Gilles has a solid outside shot as well that he showed on a catch-and-shoot three. The physical tools and tenacity are there for the big wing.

Jackson Kotecki (6’8 PF, 2023)

Kotecki’s upside is being realized. The agile forward scored on dump-off passes, hit multiple threes, and outran opposing bigs in transition for layups. He is a smooth athlete with very promising perimeter skills. Kotecki looks stronger and more confident banging in the paint and using his athleticism to rebound. I would expect coaches to add Kotecki to their radar after this weekend.

AJ Redd (6’4 PG, 2022)

Redd is a slick floor general. His length allows him to make passes over defenders without having his vision affected. He’s able to play off the ball too, cutting well, crashing for offensive rebounds, and spacing for a corner three. Redd is an Ivy League type of prospect.

Timothy Christian

Ben VanderWal (6’7 SF, 2022)

VanderWal was one of the standouts of the entire shootout. I’m not surprised after seeing his performances this spring, but college coaches finally got to see it firsthand. He did a nice job of finding ways to score in the paint, finishing with hop steps, spin moves, and off of strong offensive rebounds. VanderWal hit threes from all over the court and was solid defensively as well. I’m not sure what else Division 1 coaches need to see, but VanderWal looked every bit like a mid-major player.


Will Grudzinski (6’6 SG, 2022)

Coming off a nice spring, Grudzinski had a solid weekend shooting the ball and attacking the rim. He has a pure jump shot that he made off of different actions. The 6-foot-6 two-guard handles the ball pretty well at his size and draws fouls well. He has been relatively under the radar, but he has Division 1 upside, especially at a high academic school.

Daniel Hong (6’1 PG, 2022)

Hong knows how to create. When he was on the ball, he threw a couple of impressive passes off the bounce to find teammates. Hong’s ability to shoot off the dribble stood out, connecting on a couple of pull-up threes. He plays well with Grudzinski.

Nathan Boldt (6’9 PF, 2022)

Boldt showed the touch to score from the perimeter or on the interior. He had a dunk and a few layups off deliveries in the punch spot. On a few occasions, he stepped out and confidently made threes. Boldt is still thin, but he moves well and should be a good screen outlet at the next level.

Rolling Meadows

Cam Christie (6’4 SG, 2023)

Even when it seemed like Christie was getting slowed down, he found ways to produce. He has such a fluid mid-range game with his pull-up falling at a high rate. Christie brought the ball up at times and ran off screens during other portions of the game. He made a couple of tough threes on the move, shooting right over outstretched hands. The smooth combo guard is going to be a priority recruit with offers from Michigan State and Ohio State so far.

Foster Ogbonna (6’5 PF, 2023)

Ogbonna is high-energy all of the time. He rebounded well and protected the rim with his length and athleticism. Ogbonna did a lot of the dirty work, which is where he excels getting putbacks, setting screens, and cleaning the glass defensively.

Orlando Thomas (6’3 SG, 2022)

Thomas had a couple of huge games shooting the ball and making an impact defensively. The 6-foot-3 lefty has a good stroke from the perimeter and wasn’t shy. He lit it up running off of screens and spacing the floor while Christie was being taken away. I was most impressed with his commitment to guarding the ball and making life tough on opposing wings and guards. Thomas has an offer from Illinois College and should be a solid D3 recruit.


Diggy Tillery (5’9 PG, 2023)

Tillery did a nice job on the defensive end using his speed and quick hands to frustrate ball-handlers. He threw off sets with his ball pressure. Offensively, Tillery was aggressive from the outside, hitting some long threes and using his change of pace to get to the rim. The 5-foot-9 guard is a consistent difference-maker on both ends.

Matt Moore (6’7 PF, 2023)

The upside is evident with Moore. At 6-foot-7, he was challenging shots at the rim and creating second chances with his quick jumps in the paint. Moore was decent as a finisher, getting most of his looks off putbacks and rim runs. He is definitely a frontcourt name to track

Glenbard West

Braden Huff (6’10 PF, 2022)

There were a lot of coaches in attendance to see the highly skilled four. Huff did not disappoint. He made things look easy on the offensive end, handling the ball against point guards, knocking down threes off the catch, and hitting different shots inside the paint. Even at 6-foot-10, he broke down defenders with his handle. Throughout the weekend, he mixed in fall away shots out of the post, putbacks where he kept it high, and pinpoint passes off the dribble. A clear high major and high academic prospect.

Cade Pierce (6’6 SG, 2022)

Pierce dominated on both ends. He is a perfect defender to man the top of the 1-3-1 zone, forcing long passes and getting a bunch of steals with his length. Pierce rotated incredibly well in the help side to take away the next pass. He was very efficient and aggressive offensively, getting a couple of and-ones on drives and stepping into threes. The 6-foot-6 guard showed the vision and playmaking feel to get everyone involved as the point guard. Pierce has a game that could fit into many systems. Mid-majors waiting to see him in person should have left impressed.

Bobby Durkin (6’6 SG, 2022)

Durkin was instant offense with his three-point marksmanship. Whenever he got a chance to drill a three, he made the most of it. Sometimes I forgot how big Durkin is, having legitimate strength at 6-foot-6 to take bumps as he comes off screens. He was solid on the wing of the zone defensively as well. Durkin continues to flash his passing IQ within the offense as he did in the spring. Another potential D1 prospect for the Hilltoppers.

Paxton Warden (6’3 SG, 2022)

The tough guard seemed to make timely buckets throughout the weekend. He has some three-level scoring potential as a knockdown three-point shooter that hit a number of elbow pull-ups and floaters closer to the rim. Warden has a nice step-through move and a couple of aggressive contact finishes. Defensively, he is always a factor in getting steals and frustrating the ball. I still see upside for Warden to play at the Division 2 level, though plenty of D3s should be in pursuit as well.

Ryan Renfro (6’8 PF, 2022)

Renfro has the kind of motor that lifts the whole team. He was all over the glass and had some athletic finishes. Renfro dunked on a big during a press break and caught a lob. He also attacked a closeout and gave a good presence on both ends. Finding 6-foot-8 bigs that run hard, finish, and bring constant energy is a challenge at any level. Division 2 and low-majors should be tracking Renfro’s progress. Governor’s State has just offered him.

Kent Buchholz (6’4 PG, 2023)

In a bench role, Buchholz jumped off the screen with his athleticism and length. He created havoc at the top of the 1-3-1 with his wingspan and range. Buchholz made his open threes and moved the ball well. The potential as a defensive stopper and playmaker stood out.

St. Rita

Morez Johnson (6’8 PF, 2024)

Johnson’s tools are always impressive. He ran the floor like a deer and finished at the rim. One of the state’s top rising sophomores had an athletic and-one and a face-up jumper by the foul line. Johnson is a tremendously gifted forward with the ball skills and bounce to be a serious matchup problem. Multiple Division 1 programs have already offered Johnson.

James Brown (6’9 C, 2024)

Another elite 2024 prospect, Brown’s footwork and frame were put to good use. He drew a ton of fouls using his broad shoulders to get good position before going up for layups. Even when playing in crowds, Brown powered up through the defense to score. He completed multiple putbacks as well. There are a lot of advanced moves that he has on the block, understanding how to set up post defenders and make counters. The premier center in the class was solid.

Jaedin Reyna (6’0 PG, 2024)

Reyna is so smooth and crafty with the ball in his hands. He made a few running layups and scoops around the rim before help defenders could come over. Reyna made a baseline pull-up and showed a nice three-point shot as well. A good pick-and-roll player, Reyna should continue to be one of the top young point guards in the state.

Bryce Coleman (6’5 SG, 2023)

Coleman scored from multiple spots this weekend. He hit pull-ups from the mid-range where he really thrives. But Coleman also looked good shooting behind the arc, hitting a corner three. The upper body strength that he has allows him to work his way into the paint to finish as well. Coleman just received an offer from Bowling Green earlier in the day following his performance.

Kaiden Space (6’3 PG, 2023)

Space played with the maturity of a veteran. The rising junior was under control and let the game come to him. He made a baseline pull-up and had a couple of threes. His defense was solid and he made good decisions off the dribble offensively. Space has a couple of offers, most recently from Eastern Michigan.


Jaylen Drane (6’3 PG, 2022)

Drane was a bright spot for Simeon this weekend, taking it upon himself to keep them in a number of games. He hit a bunch of threes off the catch and off the dribble, a good development to his game. Known for his ability to create, Drane also got downhill and made some tough layups around the rim. He is one of the better guard prospects in the city and should continue to attract serious interest.

Hinsdale Central

Jake Quast (6’3 SG, 2022)

Quast was a consistent shooter and scoring weapon all weekend. He was giving defenses issues with his ability to shoot on the move and make threes well beyond the arc. The strong-bodied two-guard did a nice job mixing it up in the paint for rebounds and scored on multiple cuts and mid-range shots when he got chased off the line. D3 schools should tap into the Hinsdale Central shooter.

John Engels (6’4 PF, 2022)

His willingness to sprint the floor, rebound, and defend multiple positions stood out. Engels is a long, lean forward that plays with physicality on both ends. He had put back finishes and found soft spots in the defense to score. Engels also caught a body on a baseline dunk. He does a lot of good things on the defensive end as well, getting deflections and switching well.

Oak Forest

Robbie Avila (6’9 PF, 2022)

Avila had a lot of eyes on him and did a lot with his touches. He passed players open when defenses sunk in to take him away. On defensive rebounds, he was able to push the break to get early offense. On the block, Avila is a load with his touch and size. Avila’s shooting range was out to the college line effortlessly. A number of mid-major programs have offered.

Riverside Brookfield

Joevonn McCottry (6’2 SG, 2022)

McCottry was really good pulling up from 15-to-18 feet and knocking down mid-range shots. He’s a rangy 6-foot-2 guard that has long strides that he used to beat defenders. McCottry made a three as well. It’s his defense that may separate him. McCottry had a few big-time blocks and get up into passing lanes well. He is a solid two-way prospect.

JP Hanley (6’4 SG, 2022)

Matching up with bigs on the opposing team, Hanley was having a field day with catch-and-shoot threes. He is such a good floor spacer when he has his feet set and physical enough to score in transition. He was tough on the defensive end, holding his ground and giving good energy. A three-year varsity player, Hanley should be a shooter that college programs track going forward.

Joe Gilhooley (6’4 SF, 2022)

Gilhooley has good strength and shooting ability. His release is solid and he can really get off the floor for rebounds and finishes. Heading into his senior year, the 6-foot-4 shooter should be able to get some Division 3 interest.

Will Gonzalez (6’5 SG, 2024)

Gonzalez is long, explosive, and smooth off the dribble. He looked good putting his head down and getting to the rim. Gonzalez has a solid jumper as well. The potential is there for him to grow as an impact two-way player.


Rashawn Bost (5’11 PG, 2022)

Bost showed his quickness and playmaking for a new-look Evanston team. He projects as the primary decision-maker and looked really comfortable handling the responsibilities. Bost shot the three off the dribble and knifed through traffic for looks. He looked experienced and dynamic for Evanston.

Prince Adams (6’5 SF, 2023)

A lot of people were looking forward to seeing Adams live. There are still some raw parts to his game, but his rebounding and defense elite. Adams brings length, quickness, and explosiveness to those parts of the game. He’s a true asset that can switch across all five spots. He recovered quickly as a help defender and won box-out battles to get putbacks. His offensive game will continue to get more refined as well. The potential is clear.


Martell Webb (6’7 PF, 2022)

Webb was really good in some tough matchups. The big, long-armed post had strong rebounds and post scores. He made a post turnaround and knocked down some threes as well. When you add that with his ability to use his 7-foot wingspan to protect the rim, it’s easy to see the appeal.


Tavari Johnson (5’11 PG, 2022)

Johnson makes things happen at all times. His speed and ball control are a lethal combination for any opposing guard to cover. He weaved in and out of the lane and created without having to force anything. Johnson hit a three, had a transition dunk, made a three out of the pick-and-roll, and had multiple next-level passes. Johnson’s defense was impressive too, forcing steals and doing an effective job challenging shots. Milwaukee offered Johnson this weekend, joining a number of other D1 programs to go after him after a huge spring.

Whitney Young

AJ Casey (6’8 SF, 2022)

It looked like another day at the office for Casey in front of a gym full of college coaches. He got to the line, hit a wing 3, found his way to the rim off the dribble, and pinned a shot off the glass. Casey was stout defensively on the perimeter or in the paint. He used his length to score above any help defenders. Casey has the talent to develop into a pro and he showed it.

Dalen Davis (6’0 PG, 2023)

Always steady and always effective, Davis ran the show for Whitney Young. He fed the many scorers on the team for portions of the game. When he did look for his own shot, Davis was able to score from three levels. He hit step-in three, drove to the lane for layups, and created to perfection in space. Davis didn’t rely on flash, but he was very effective. He is a high-major point guard prospect with offers from schools like Stanford and South Carolina.

Daniel Johnson (6’6 SF, 2023)

One of the breakout stars of the shootout, Johnson was on fire from three. He hit an array of threes from the corner and wing. His length is legit, allowing him to have some impact on the defensive end. Johnson scored off cuts as well, but it was hit shooting and size that really caught everyone’s eye. He picked up an offer from Northern Illinois this weekend.

Xavier Amos (6’7 PF, 2022)

Another player that opened some eyes this weekend, Amos was excellent defensively. Anything in his area got swatted away. Amos has mobility and extreme length that he knows how to utilize on both ends. He can play either forward spot but was really good in the paint offensively as a rim runner and offensive rebounder. He can take slower defenders off the bounce or go inside for post-ups. Kent State and NIU offered Amos this weekend.

Antonio Munoz (6’5 SF, 2025)

The top freshmen at the shootout, Munoz was very impressive. He moves easily, showing true guard skills and defensive upside on the perimeter. In transition, he had a monster dunk and ran for easy shots. The future is bright for Munoz, playing up on a loaded Whitney Young team.

Oswego East

Patrick Robinson (6’5 SG, 2022)

Robinson is a powerfully built wing that put his head down and got the rim often. He can score against bigs or guards, able to use his long arms to score around size. Defensively, Robinson’s size allowed him to defend post players when the lineup lacked height. He didn’t shoot it as well as I’ve seen before, but his slashing was a big boost for Oswego East. Coaches took notice.

Mekhi Lowery (6’5 SF, 2023)

The high-upside forward did so many different things. Lowery excelled defensively keeping players on the perimeter by moving his feet and rotating over to protect the rim on the help side. His jump shot form is solid, making a mid-range shot in one of the games. Lowery is good in grab-and-go situations on the wing where he can attack in straight lines. The future is really bright.

Tyler Jasek (6’6 PF, 2023)

Jasek gave great energy and production. He battled for rebounds on both ends, shedding box-outs to go get loose balls. When he got the ball on the block, he made quick decisions to score in the post. Jasek is also an effective outside shooter, hitting a three with a good release. His toughness made a difference.

New Trier

Jackson Munro (6’8 PF, 2022)

Munro has a seasoned approach to his game. Everything is deliberate and precise in the post, waiting to see how the defense is playing him. He threw on time backdoor passes and made good kickout passes to shooters all weekend. When he got one-on-one situations, Munro showed good footwork and balance to work around defenders. He has great hands around the rim to catch passes in traffic or grab rebounds. Munro is also a very high-IQ defender that can man the paint well. He was really good this weekend and should garner more interest outside of his Loyola (MD) offer.

Jake Fiegen (6’3 SG, 2023)

Over the last few months, Fiegen has been one of the best shooters that I have seen. His shot is compact and consistent, drilling in countless threes. He cut well within the offense to get layups on tight defense. At 6-foot-3, Fiegen has a strong frame that allowed him to finish in the paint. He is a player that should be receiving a lot more attention for his shooting, size, and feel as an off-guard.

Noah Shannon (6’5 SG, 2022)

Shannon also lit up the nets from the perimeter. He is athletic, 6-foot-5, and can really shoot it with his feet set. Shannon moved well within the offense and made hard cuts and run-outs for easy buckets. He had a dunk off of a backdoor and made a ton of threes. There is a lot to like about Shannon, especially for high-academic programs.

Karlo Colak (6’5 SG, 2022)

Another big wing for New Trier, Colak made an impact at the top of the 1-3-1 zone and as an active defender on the ball. He has the length and strength to defend either wing spot. Offensively, he was joining in on the three-point game, connecting on multiple catch-and-shoot triples. Colak is a good D3 target.


Michael Morawski (6’5 SF, 2022)

The big, silky lefty was a tough cover as a wing shooter. He made multiple threes off the catch and added a few off the dribble as well. His shot is fluid and pure with deep range. At 6-foot-5, Morawski is a wing that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Glenbrook South

Cooper Noard (6’2 PG, 2022)

Noard delivers. The threes were falling in bunches for the 6-foot-2 guard, making shots off curls, ball screens, and spot-ups. Noard got out in transition for a few layups as well. He is a tremendous shooter and creator off the dribble, able to break down defenders regularly. Noard made good passes on the move when he drew help. I was glad to see Noard show out in front of college coaches since he is one of the best players in the class without an offer.

Nick Martinelli (6’7 SF, 2022)

Martinelli also regularly delivers. Scoring is second nature for him, hitting defenders with crossovers and hesitations before getting to the rim and using his size to score. The hook and flip shots are expected but are still impressive. He defended Avila in one game and did a great job using his length and quickness despite giving up some size. Martinelli shot the ball well too, which we should see more in volume as a senior. Wisconsin-Milwaukee offered him this weekend and plenty of mid-majors are interested.

Lake Forest

Asa Thomas (6’6 SG, 2023)

Thomas was putting up 30-point games like it was nothing. The 6-foot-6 guard tore up defenses with his outside stroke and cutting ability. He ran off screens and stepped into long threes with hands in his face. It still didn’t matter. Thomas is as good of a shooter as there is in the 2023 class with a well-developed off-the-dribble game. He hit floaters and cut hard for layups and mid-range shots when he had the chance. Marquette and Illinois offered Thomas this weekend. He is quickly emerging as a high-major prospect.


Ethan Ivan (6’7 PF, 2022)

Consistency has been key to Ivan’s production. He is strong on his drives and doesn’t miss open three-point looks. Ivan completed some tough plays at the rim to score this weekend. He grabbed rebounds amongst the trees and put them back for layups or fouls. There is a regular level of production to expect from the 6-foot-7 forward at this point. He is a strong Division 2 prospect.

Trent Tousana (5’11 PG, 2022)

Tousana played with good pace and patience. He passes the ball well and knows when to look for his own shot. Tousana hit threes when defenders backed up or got caught up in screens. He is a high-level small college floor general.

Austin Ambrose (6’9 PF, 2022)

Ambrose was solid on rolls and in the post. With his shooting ability, he is a reliable screen outlet that can extend defenses or go up top to grab passes and make layups. Ambrose is a good D3/NAIA big that knows how to make his impact.


Damari Wheeler-Thomas (6’0 PG, 2022)

Wheeler-Thomas is money from the mid-range. His elbow pull-up was unguardable this weekend, setting defenders up before exploding to his spot and elevating over bigger defenders. That shot opens things up for him, able to sprint to the rim for layups or pull back for threes. Wheeler-Thomas is a shutdown on-ball defender that takes pride in throwing off rhythm. He is an underrated rebounder as well. He has a number of Division 1 offers and should get more looks as we get deeper into the summer.

Jakob BlakleyJakob Blakley (5’11 PG, 2024)

Blakley got going with threes and floaters. He was cooking from behind the arc with pull-ups falling regularly. Blakley has a quick first step and tight handle that gives him an advantage in isolation situations. His floater has good arc and he knows how to control it from different angles. He looked terrific after transferring from Marmion.


Hunter Duncan (6’1 PG, 2023)

An athletic floor general, Duncan has good strength and explosiveness off the dribble. He showed vision making plays once he got into the paint to find shooters. Duncan is able to make layups over help as well. He is a point guard to track and a transfer that looks like he will make an immediate impact.

Kyle Thomas (6’9 C, 2022)

Another big-time transfer, Thomas was scoring with hard rim runs and athletic finishes at the rim. He dunks easily on the run or from a standing position. That ability to elevate allows him to block shots from all over the paint. He provides great value using his length and athleticism to score in pick-and-rolls and protect the rim at the next level. Arizona and Illinois are among the schools to have offered.

Gabe Madej (6’6 SF, 2022)

Madej looked the part of a big sniper. He was lighting it up from three, draining multiple looks in a game. Madej is an excellent rebounder for a wing, with college-ready strength and physicality to mix it up on the glass. He is a likely candidate to attract Ivy League interest.

Den Juette (6’3 PG, 2022)

After a breakout junior year, Juette looked fluid as a slasher and finisher for Fenwick. He has great length at the point guard spot which allows him to defend multiple spots and get steals and deflections. He was able to play off the ball when Duncan was the primary ball-handler, cutting and making an impact off dribble drives.


Nick Hesch (6’6 PF, 2022)

Hesch is in a leading role for York and excelling. His rebounding is always a plus, relentlessly going after misses on both ends. Hesch was scoring on dump-off passes, rolls, and quick post moves. He is athletic and very long, looking really active defensively. Hesch also has the touch to shoot from the outside when he is given space. He was a solid go-to option for York.

Loyola Academy

Alex Engro (6’1 PG, 2023)

Engro gave Loyola a huge lift with his scoring. He went on a shooting barrage when defenders didn’t close out well. Engro picked his spots within the offense and still managed to put up a solid output in some low-scoring games. Defensively, he got deflections and was solid on the ball and in the gap. Engro looks like he will step into a lead role as a junior.

Mount Carmel

DeAndre Craig (6’0 PG, 2023)

Craig is one of the best point guards in the state that doesn’t get a ton of pub. He was explosive scoring the ball from multiple levels, shooting the three well, and making acrobatic layups in traffic. Craig is going to be a player that gets better with time and the college interest should follow.


Brady Kunka (6’4 SG, 2023)

Kunka was great when attacking the basket to score. He has a physical build and good athleticism. Kunka cut multiple times to score through contact, drove hard from the elbow, and got out in transition. He made some nice passes as well playing around the foul line. Kunka is a solid wing defender and rebounder as well. He should be a productive piece for Benet in his second varsity year.

Parker Sulaver (6’6 PF, 2024)

Sulaver has a nice outside shot that has range. At 6-foot-6, he is able to create a mismatch with his skillset on the perimeter. Post players struggled to run out to the three-point line to defend him and he can attack closeouts and score with floaters or get all the way to the rim as he showed. Sulaver is a promising 2024 forward prospect.

Brennan White (5’11 PG, 2022)

A heady lead guard, White made plays for everyone. He threw great passes to find open players. He’s able to make open threes as he showed this weekend. The game seemed to flow better when he was in the game. D3 schools will probably be the main suitors of White.

Marian Catholic

Jeremiah Jones (6’4 SG, 2022)

The defensive stalwart showed well with a couple of tough matchups. He is elite guarding the ball and creating steals, leading to dunks and easy transition layups. Jones slashed to the rim to score with his length. A capable shooter, Jones is a versatile player that is going to be a Division 1 wing.

Brother Rice

Ahmad Henderson (5’10 PG, 2023)

Henderson put on a show this weekend. This is becoming a common occurrence for the 5-foot-10 guard. He knocked down a three off the catch, pulled up behind a screen when a defender went under, and hit a one-foot runner on a drive. Henderson is creative off the bounce with his combo moves and just as good finding unique ways to finish. NIU has offered and a number of other Division 1 programs have reached out. He is an electric playmaker.

Nick Niego (6’0 SG, 2023)

Niego is a blistering three-point shooter that you have to game plan around. He made threes on the move coming off away screens and drained a ton of threes as a floor spacer. There is a toughness about his game too, scoring on a drive through a defender and fighting for defensive boards. Niego can put up points in a hurry like he showed this weekend.


Carlos Harris (6’2 SG, 2024)

The strong sophomore guard has a developed frame and the type of athleticism that you don’t find often. When Harris tried to get to the rim, defenders had a hard time turning him back. The finishes were impressive, but his consistency as a scorer stood out. He can shoot it off the dribble and has some range on his jumper. Look for Harris to be a high-volume scorer over the next three years.

DePaul Prep

Dylan Arnett (6’9 PF, 2022)

Arnett had a couple of huge games this weekend. His physicality and ability to run the floor really stood out to coaches. When he started knocking in jumpers, that was an added benefit. Arnett banged with bigs on the block and had a solid showing finishing open looks around the rim. His potential caught the attention of a few schools and he was recently offered by SIUE and Western Illinois.

Payton Kamin (6’5 SG, 2024)

Kamin’s shooting was a bright spot on the perimeter for DePaul Prep. They have a nice young crop of young guards and Kamin is the most advanced right now. He hit threes and showed some touch inside the arc. After the games, Kamin picked up an offer from Western Illinois.

Notre Dame College Prep

Sonny Williams (6’0 PG, 2023)

Williams is ready to be the star at NDCP. He shot the ball very well, making some corner threes and connecting from the wing at a high rate. As the lead guard, he threw some terrific passes on the move. His combination of vision and scoring made him one of the more exciting guards to watch this weekend. Williams is one of the best point guards in the 2023 class and will have the keys to the offense as a junior.

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