Writeups from August Runs

We held three private runs this month with different groups every week. Here are some write-ups of the players that were in attendance.

2022 Players

Adidas Davis (6’4 SG, Buffalo Grove)

The lefty scorer showed much-improved athleticism during the runs. He got well above the rim for a number of dunks over the last few weeks and showed body control on contact layups. Davis has serious range that he showed off the dribble and a slippery ability to get to the rim. He will be the top player on Buffalo Grove this year and should be on the radar of coaches.

Alex Arango (6’2 SG, Saint Viator)

Arango has been consistent with his effort every week. An all-effort all-of-the-time type player, he piled up transition layups by sprinting the floor. Arango rebounded, cut, and passed well each week as well. He just received his first offer from Central College last week and should get more looks over the next few months.

Alex Krejci (6’2 SG, Somonauk)

A true shooter, Krejci got going during the run with his catch-and-shoot prowess. He has the balance and finish to his shot that allows for consistency and range. Krejci also showed good strength on his drives to the basket. High-academic Division 3 schools should be in play.

Arnav Jain (6’2 SG, Crystal Lake South)

Jain is a terrific spot-up shooter that was automatic over the last few weeks. He has a lightning-quick release that defenders struggled to adjust to, leading to a bunch of wing threes. When he got inside of the arc, he was able to make a few floaters and pull-ups while showing some playmaking ability. Jain has a college-ready skill with his shooting prowess.

Asher Jackson (6’5 SG, Carmel)

The athleticism and shooting of Jackson stood out. He slashed to the rim for a one-handed dunk and made a couple of threes. At 6-foot-5, he is a solid passer as well that led teammates to open looks. Jackson has good upside that coaches at multiple levels may want to monitor.

Brady Heckman (6’2 PG, Benet)

Heckman was making the right decisions throughout the run. He surveyed the floor in transition well to find open teammates and made good reads in ball screens. The 6-foot-2 guard has strength that he used to go through contact on straight line drives and defend other guards at the run. Heckman’s shooting stroke stood out as well, connecting on threes with his feet set. Heckman is a sound guard that should get D3 looks.

Conrad Luczynski (7’2 C, Bartlett)

Bartlett’s big man made his presence felt around the rim. The size was obvious, but he showed good feel in the post with a number of hooks over his left shoulder, a turnaround jumper, and a baseline spin move leading to a dunk. Luczynski had a couple of nice passes out of the post, altered shots in his area, and rebounded everything. He also took a number of threes that looked decent coming out. And he was talking in transition defense and calling out screens. That level of talk is what makes an effective defensive anchor. He’s a legit 7-foot-2 center with feel in the post and upside. College programs looking for a true center should be in touch.

Daniel Hong (6’2 PG, Barrington)

A creative and dynamic lead guard, Hong was having his way in pick-and-rolls. Hong made a couple of difficult threes off the dribble, including a tough stepback from the college line. At 6-foot-2, Hong has good strength and speed that allowed him to get by defenders and keep them out of the play. His pull-up game is his strength, but his vision is advanced as well. He found rollers and shooters out of P&Rs frequently. Hong could be a productive D3 point guard.

Fernando Perez (6’3 SG, Larkin)

Perez has expanded his range and looked more consistent with his three-point shot, making a few during the run. His mid-range pull-up is still a dangerous weapon with his ability to stop on a dime and shoot over contested hands. Perez created turnovers and turned them into points as well. He is coming off of a big junior season and should be looked at as a scholarship player.

Garrett Bolte (6’6 PF, Hinsdale South)

Bolte went to work on both ends. He made a couple of threes, hit a baseline pull-up, and scored out of the post. The 6-foot-6 forward also had a couple of powerful dunks in transition and dove to the rim for layups. He was really good defensively switching onto guards and blocking shots on the interior. He had a productive AAU season and should be the focal point for Hinsdale South. Bolte has multiple D3 offers so far and should have a chance to play D2.

Johnny McGowan (6’3 SG, Oak Lawn)

McGowan shot the ball well from three and mid-range in the runs he attended. He was always ready to shoot on kick-outs and made a good percentage. The Oak Lawn wing has a good stop-and-pop game that he used multiple times. McGowan has good size and floor spacing upside that could fit at the D3 level.

Jonah Hinton (6’2 PG, Naperville Central)

I’m still surprised that Hinton hasn’t been offered by anyone yet. His shot making, ball-handling, and length were on display. Hinton created in space effectively to either find teammates or make tough finishes around the rim. There are a number of areas where he impacts the game and he boasts a high GPA that should make him a candidate for high-academic programs.

Jude Love (6’4 SF, St. Charles North)

Love is tough. He played with physicality and effort defensively, knocking scorers off of their spots and getting deflections. When he was in the paint, he rebounded in traffic and scored using his strength. Love shot the ball well from deep, making a couple from a few feet behind the high school line. The St. Charles North wing bullied his way to the rim a few times and showed improved creativity off the dribble. He has earned a couple of D3 offers over the last month and should see more coming.

Julian Triffo (6’6 SF, Maine South)

Triffo was active and aggressive during the run. He’s got the ability to play inside or out and made a handful of threes from the wing. When he put it on the ground, he had a few double clutch finishes and wasn’t afraid to challenge shot-blockers. The 6-foot-6 forward is set for a breakout senior year and should be able to garner D3 interest.

Kennon Cook (6’4 SF, Dundee Crown)

Cook’s unique combination of agility, handle, and power were a tough matchup for defenders at the run. He hit players with hesitation crossovers, behind the back moves, and spins to free himself up. The finishes generally came with his strong left hand but he did have a few acrobatic finishes to his right hand. Cook jumped passing lanes and uses his active hands to cause steals defensively. It’s hard to find players that can create and finish at his size but he hasn’t been seen by many college coaches to this point.

Max Love (6’5 SF, St. Charles North)

A lanky wing with good skill, Love showed his athleticism in transition with a couple of dunks. His length is utilized well on the defensive side of the ball. Love also has a good outside shot, making one college-range three and another one from the corner. He had a nice summer for H.I.T. and projects as one of the top scoring options for St. Charles North this summer. Love also has a handful of D3 offers so far.

Nick Martinelli (6’7 SF, Glenbrook South)

Martinelli put on a finishing show despite facing solid and athletic defenders. The Elon commit was using various moves to shake defenders and made some of the crafty layups that makes him so difficult to guard. His cuts and run outs led to dunks and he was finishing really well with his right hand in traffic. Martinelli blocked a couple of shots, defended different types of players, and rebounded out of his area. As he advances to college, his shooting progress could be key. He made a three off of a pick-and-pop and hit another one when defenders backed off. Martinelli will be one of the top players in the state this year.

Sebastian Blachut (6’2 SG, Lake Park)

The athletic two-guard cut hard for layups and got after it on the defensive end. Blachut made explosive moves to the rim in open space throughout the run. He was able to hustle for steals, blocks, and deflections. Blachut has a strong, athletic frame that should continue to fill out and allow to be an even tougher slasher and defender. He is a high-academic D3 prospect with a lot of upside and a developed jumper.

Will Grudzinski (6’6 SG, Barrington)

Grudzinski dominated the run with his ability to shoot, drive to the rim, and make plays above the rim. He is a knockdown shooter that dribbled into threes, made NBA-range threes off the catch, and scored from the mid-range. Grudzinski had a couple of effortless dunks and athletic finishes off of his penetration. Even at 6-foot-6, he attacks low to the ground and can elevate quickly for a pull-up or layup. Defenders had no answer for him. To this point, Grudzinski has a D2 offer from the University of Mary. He may be the best senior in the state without a Division 1 offer.

2023 Players

Alex Engro (6’1 PG, Loyola)

Engro continues to blossom into a dangerous lead guard as a scorer and passer. His pick-and-roll prowess stood out during the runs, exposing switches to get to the rim and reading the secondary help to find the open man. Engro has a tight, shifty handle that is aided by his ability to shoot or score at the rim. To this point, Engro is a plus finisher, but his strength and athleticism is improving. He should be well-equipped to run the show for Loyola over the next two years.

Anthony Davis (5’10 PG, De La Salle)

Davis played well with other point guards, spacing the floor and knocking down open threes. He also had a nice fake dribble handoff into a layup. Davis has a quick first step and can make plays for others on the move.

Armani Ivy (6’3 SG, Larkin)

It was a pretty impressive scoring display from Ivy. He played out of the triple threat to perfection, pouring in threes with range or putting his head down to get to the rim. Ivy challenged shot blockers and made a couple of tough finishes around bigs. With good athleticism and length for a two-guard, Ivy is more than a shooter. His pull-up jump shot set up open driving lanes that he was able to take advantage of often. He should be a strong player in his third season at Larkin.

Drew Scharnowski (6’6 SG, Burlington Central)

A very lanky guard, Scharnowski showed versatility playing a number of different roles on both ends. He slipped screens and made good catches and finishes in traffic. On one occasion, he popped and knocked down an NBA-range three. Scharnowski ran in transition for a eurostep and flashed his handle on quick moves to the rim. Defensively, he battled bigs in the post and pressured guards out to half court. His length and anticipation led to rebounds, blocks, and deflections. Scharnowski is a high-upside two-way player that is still growing.

Dylan Schmidt (6’3 SG, Johnsburg)

The bounce and shooting is a tough combination to defend. Schmidt maintained body control on quick spin moves and double-clutch layups. During the runs, he also showed some of the best shooting range of any player in attendance, dribbling into threes a few feet behind the line without hesitation. Schmidt has improved his ball-handling ability as well which should help when he draws the other team’s top defender. After averaging close to 20 points a game as a sophomore, Schmidt should be one of the best players in the area.

Jackson Niego (6’0 PG, Lyons)

Niego picked his spots and got open shots for others during the run. It looks like he’s gotten stronger over the last few months and was able to muscle through guards on his drives. He set up defenders well off the dribble and made multiple sweeping layups. Niego hit a long three and showed a good release as well. His passes were crisp and on target throughout the day. Lyons has some good senior guards, but Niego is a solid lead guard that I’d take on my team any day.

Jimmy Rasmussen (6’1 PG, Geneva)

Rasmussen is a bruising point guard that just made plays on both ends. His creativity off the dribble got him downhill where he either finished contact layups or delivered on-time passes when he drew help. It was easy to see his IQ with his decisions off the bounce. Rasmussen was a high-percentage three-point shooter with solid range and a consistent release. His energy on the defensive end was infectious to his team, blocking a shot and poking balls loose for steals. He’s a good athlete that has the passing and shooting ability that good HS point guards possess. It may be a breakout junior year for Rasmussen.

Louis Kaminski (6’1 SG, Lyons)

Kaminski has a quick one-motion shot that he connected on a few times. He got to the elbow for a pull-up with a hand in his face and delivered on a three. The 6-foot-1 guard wasn’t afraid to go up against size when he cut for layups. His shooting was his main source of production at the run.

Nik Polonowski (6’6 SF, Lyons)

It got to the point where defenders weren’t even turning around after closing out on Polonowski. He was in rhythm from the perimeter, making threes in transition, off kick out, and in space off of a stepback. Polonowski rebounded out of his area and showed his athleticism contesting shots in the paint. He gained valuable experience playing with the Denmark 16U team this summer and should continue to progress over the next few months. The shooting, frame, and upside make Polonowksi an ideal wing prospect for coaches to keep on their radar.

Noah Portalatin (5’11 PG, Lake Forest)

Portalatin was very effective shooting mid-range pull-ups on the move. He elevates well and has good touch from 15-feet. The Lake Forest point guard also made catch-and-shoot threes and used his quick first step to attack closeouts for finishes. Portalatin plays hard and doesn’t short change you with his effort. It’s still early, but he should be a target for some D3 programs at this time next year.

Tyler Jasek (6’5 PF, Oswego East)

A strong four with an outside shot, Jasek got going during the runs by dragging bigs out to the perimeter. When he got space, he hit a couple of threes on kick outs and made straight-line drives to the rim for scoop layups. He is a physical rebounder that was able to grab boards in crowds. Jasek defended switches well, moving his feet and getting hands up on shot attempts. He’s got good size and will become an even more consistent shooter with time. Jasek’s best basketball is still ahead of him.

2024 Players

Ben Person (6’3 SG, Johnsburg)

Person stepped into threes well over the last few weeks. He has solid size and covers ground well on straight-line drives. Entering his sophomore year, he should be a good weapon as a shooter for Johnsburg.

JJ Hernandez (6’5 SF, Glenbard North)

Hernandez has next-level length and athleticism that was on display. In transition, he threw down a couple of impressive dunks. Hernandez also scored in the paint off of a spin move and a cut. His defense was stout on closeouts and when he was moving his feet on the perimeter. One of the high-upside prospects in the class, Hernandez could have a breakout sophomore year playing on varsity.

Kelton McEwen (5’11 PG, Bartlett)

It was easy to see the handle and shooting ability that makes McEwen a tough matchup. He converted open looks from three with a quick release and was creating shots off the dribble against tight defense. McEwen’s range spaced the floor and gave him room to utilize crossovers and spin moves to score from 15 to 18 feet. Bartlett’s lead guard has great footwork and moves well without the ball to get open. He is continuing to look like one of the better point guards and shooters in the 2024 class.

Kenric Mosby (6’8 PF, Simeon)

Mosby has the physical tools that you want in a four man. He is long, moves well, and has a really quick second jump. The majority of his impact came on the glass and as a roll man where he showed solid hands and good activity. As the game slows down for Mosby, he could start to realize the potential.

Marcus Everhart (6’5 PF, Marian Catholic)

A physical, athletic forward, Everhart ran the floor and cleaned up misses during the run. He’s an agile defender that guarded in space pretty well. Everhart connected on a three and scored around the rim off of dump offs. He didn’t look bad putting it on the floor either, with a few transition buckets. I like the upside of the Marian Catholic sophomore.

Nate Scearce (6’1 SG, Bartlett)

Scearce is a scoring guard that got most of his looks as a catch-and-shoot player. On a team with some experienced ball-handlers, he settled in on the perimeter with a couple of threes. Scearce is going to be an even more productive scorer in his second varsity season at Bartlett.

Nick Popovic (6’1 SG, Lake Zurich)

Popovic cut and shot the ball well. When teammates picked the ball up, he made hard cuts to space to finish. On kick outs, he was confident and reliable from three. That should be an area where he produces in volume for Lake Zurich. Popovic also has some size to work that helped him on drives.

Nojus Indrusaitis (6’4 SG, Lemont)

Indrusaitis is the complete package. He shot the lights out from all over the floor working in hesitation dribbles and change-of-direction moves to set up defenders before pulling up. His stroke is clean and consistent and opened up driving opportunities where creativity and athleticism stood out. Indrusaitis made a couple of acrobatic layups to evade help defenders and got above the rim a few times. He also showed the potential to be a pick-and-roll playmaker and shutdown defender with his relentless activity and lateral quickness. He is the best sophomore guard in the state and should lead a talented backcourt for Lemont.

Tavariyaun Williams (6’5 SG, De La Salle)

The wiry wing has a smooth game. His handle is fluid and flashed at multiple times. Williams was able to create separation for a three and got downhill with his long strides to finish against size. He had a number of bright moments during the run, even though he wasn’t overly aggressive offensively. Williams is a gifted young player that probably isn’t done growing.

2025 Players

Anestis Hidjistamoulou (5’10 PG, Glenbrook South)

Anestis showed well as a primary ball-handler during the run. His change of pace and body control allowed him to break down defenders to get to the rim to finish or distribute against length. He’s got a nice shot from the perimeter, hitting a number of threes and a mid-range pull-up in transition. Anestis has an advanced feel for the game that even stood out playing with upperclassmen. The skill, athleticism, and on-ball defense are there for a player that should be an impact player for multiple years at GBS.

Brady Sehlhorst (6’4 SG, N/A)

Lanky, athletic, and wired to score, Sehlhorst didn’t shy away from the older players. At 6-foot-4, he has a projectable frame with good ball skills and some passing ability. He has some shake off the dribble that he used to get into the lane for floaters and kick outs. Sehlhorst knocked down a couple of threes, one off the dribble and one off the catch. There is a good balance to his game offensively and upside using his length to guard multiple positions defensively. He’s a freshman to track.

Ricky DiVito (5’7 PG, Hersey)

DiVito is a very athletic guard that has a lot of flair to his game. He threw a couple of no-look passes and got downhill with his first step. The physicality of some of the older players made it tough for him to score in traffic or defend on drives, but his quickness was evident. He made a three and a foul line jumper during the run as well. DiVito has good energy and confidence that should translate well as he matures physically.

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