M14 Workout Standouts

I was at the M14 workout that included their 15U, 16U, and 17U teams scrimmaging for the majority of the time. Here are some of the standouts.

Cameron Morel (Guard, Aurora Christian 2024)

Morel was solid on both ends, looking to get to his pull-up and using his size on the defensive end. He hit a few shots off of the dribble and his spot-up shot looked comfortable. The Aurora Christian junior returns as a lead option.

CJ Savage (Guard, West Aurora 2024)

Very strong and decisive in crowds, Savage took good care of the ball and was automatic inside the paint. He used hop steps and other two-foot finishes to score and create angles to shield off help defenders with his body. Savage has touch on his floater and is a capable mid-range scorer who has improved as a three-point shooter as well.

Evan Stumm (Guard, Marmion 2024)

Stumm has a textbook lefty outside shot and had a good day stretching the floor. Playing off of his shooting ability well, he caught the ball ready to let it fly and made quick decisions to drive closeouts. Stumm was very active off of the ball to get open and cut to open space for layups. He is one of many productive shooters at Marmion.

Hudson Parker (Guard, Wheaton North 2024)

Parker plays with some flash and creativity with the ball. He has some handle as a point guard and adjusted his speeds to get to the rack. When he got into the lane, he showed vision as a passer and converted some underhand finishes. Parker also hit a three and was one of the better playmakers in the 2024 group.

Isaac Whitt (Forward, Batavia 2024)

Long-armed and rangy for a forward, Whitt was fairly active on the glass. When shots went up, he crashed with a purpose and got a couple of putbacks. Whitt moved well on the perimeter and has some physical traits to be productive defensively.

Jalen Crues (Forward, Wheaton North 2024)

Crues was the most explosive player in the gym and was a difference maker defensively and as a rim attacker. He scored with power in and around the lane, including a big dunk off of one step. When he had openings in transition, he tried to tear the rim off. Crues has one-on-one upside with his ball-handling ability once it gets more refined. He may be one of the most underrated long-term wings in the 2024 class.

Jeffrey Flemming (Guard/Forward, Plainfield North 2024)

With good height, strength, and skill for a wing, Flemming is a productive all-around player. His IQ was evident with and without the ball, making strategic cuts off of the ball, using fakes to get defenders off balance, and utilizing his footwork to create shots. Flemming has good touch from multiple levels and can invert into the post when needed. He should have a big year for Plainfield North.

Luke Matan (Forward, Geneva 2024)

Matan has decent length and moves pretty well on both ends. He hit a few jumpers, stepping into short jumpers well. Matan also had energy on the defensive end and blocked a shot. It looks like he might still be growing which would help his versatility.

Matthew Sessom (Guard, Waubonsie Valley 2024)

I hadn’t seen Sessom before, but the Waubonsie junior has a good frame and made a good impact during the runs. He’s got a decent handle and gets into his jumper well off of the bounce. Sessom knocked down a three and was instrumental as a wing defender.

Treshawn Blissett (Guard/Forward, Waubonsie Valley 2024)

Probably the most dominant performance of the night, Blissett’s length was causing all kinds of issues for the other teams. He glides on the court and gets downhill with some intent, able to extend to the rim for layups or change directions with eurosteps and spin moves. If he had a lane to the basket, he ripped through and got near the rim. Blissett also hit a three and showed a much-improved perimeter game. His defense was noteworthy, blocking everything in his area and staying in front of the ball. Blissett will break out this year.

Wes Peavler (Guard, Naperville North 2024)

Peavler is a well-built guard who plays with real toughness. He didn’t score a lot, but his penetration opened up opportunities for teammates and he was a productive handling the ball. I would expect Peavler to provide some value defensively and should be able to be a pest in the Naperville North zone.

Will Ashford (Guard/Forward, Metea Valley 2024)

Another skilled and athletic wing in the 2024 group, Ashford has an effortless offensive game with a smooth pull-up and quick takes to the rim at around 6-foot-6. Ashford drove baseline well and was active out in transition. He’s just scratching the surface and should emerge for Metea this year.

Anthony Quaranta (Guard, St. Francis 2025)

Quaranta is a physical guard that competes on the defensive end. The St. Francis product had multiple steals and showed good hands and lateral quickness. He also is a solid athlete that elevates well on his mid-range shots. Quaranta brings toughness.

Niko Quaranta (Guard, St. Francis 2025)

Niko Quaranta handled the ball well in space and created space for his pull-up. Showing very good lift on his stop-and-pop shots, Quaranta is able to shoot over bigger defenders with no problem. He’s also got range out to the three-point line that should help him as he develops as a pick-and-roll scorer.

Tyler Smith (Guard, Wheaton Academy 2025)

The most impressive sophomore in the group Smith’s size, athleticism, and skill stood out. He’s got a solid frame with ideal height for a young two guard. As a slasher, he drives hard to his right hand and is very explosive around the rim. His driving ability is complemented well by his shooting, hitting a few threes and displaying a consistent and fluid release. Smith also projects well on the defensive end, running down a player for a block and guarding multiple positions. He’ll be a good player for WA.

Cam Vine (Guard, St. Charles North 2025)

A taller, athletic guard, Vine attacked paint early and often. There weren’t many times where he was caught standing around, either cutting, lifting, and running the floor. Vine had a couple of good counters off the dribble to create lines to finish. He’s got quality tools to be a defensive stopper and has the athleticism and tenacity to stand out on that end.

Hudson Kirby (Forward, Geneva 2025)

I liked Kirby’s motor and explosiveness at his size. He changed ends well, went hard to the offensive glass, and was contesting everything in the lane. The athletic forward blocked a shot off of the glass and was making players adjust their shots mid-air to avoid him. Kirby worked well in transition with and without the ball to finish. He should develop into a quality player for Geneva.

Aidan Nilsson (Guard, Lincoln-Way East 2025)

Nilsson was good with the ball when he had it in space and was comfortable making decisions with the ball. He has a good-looking shot from three that should allow him to grow as a perimeter shooter over time. Nilsson will be able to play either guard spot going forward.

Brady Goken (Forward, Wheaton Warrenville South 2025)

Goken has a physically developed frame and the raw energy level that you want out of any young player. In transition, Goken looked mobile, strong, and determined to finish on the break. Some players wisely got out of the way, but he showed body control when he had to score through contact. Goken is a lot more than a bruiser, putting it on the ground well and showing some instincts as a volume rebounder and defender.

Jayden Riley (Guard, Oswego 2026)

Only a freshman, Riley is a special playmaker. His court vision, passing feel, and understanding of picking his spots is years ahead of schedule. Playing up with the 2024 group, Riley facilitated at a high level off of the dribble and was a dynamo beating defenders off of the dribble. As a scorer, Riley has a variety of layup angles to use. He’s one of the premier passers in his class at this stage and is going to be hard to gameplan for once his jump shot becomes more consistent.

TJ Williams (Guard, Glenbard West 2026)

Williams is a wiry guard who uses finesse off of the dribble. He keeps his dribble alive and tries different moves until he has an opportunity. Williams has a decent shot from the perimeter and can use his long strides to gain some separation if he’s run off of his spot. Williams will continue to grow and fill out physically.

Eddie Austin (Forward, Nazareth 2026)

A tall freshman with projectable size, Austin is a quality big that did most of his work in the lane. It looks like Austin should be able to put on weight nicely, but he already plays with good intensity and aggressiveness. Austin can finish out of the punch spot and showed soft hands as a receiver of passes and as a rebounder. He moves very well at his size and has the agility that will help him as a pick-and-roll defender and help side presence.

Isaiah Feuerbach (Guard, Sycamore 2026)

Feuerbach is playmaking guard that passed the ball well and handled pressure during the run. He is a solid athlete that dribbles with a purpose, not wasting movement to get to his spots. Feuerbach didn’t look for his shot a lot, but he has a floater and catch-and-shoot ability. Based on his long limbs alone, Feuerbach should grow into a lanky guard who should impact Sycamore in the near future.

Christian Harrell (Guard, Yorkville 2025)

For stretches, Harrell impressed with his on-ball defense. Possessing a good build and side-to-side quickness, Harrell cut off opposing ball-handlers well. On the offensive end, he made a mid-range stepback and was able to do some damage in transition.  

Devin Bach (Forward, Hampshire 2026)

For a freshman, Bach has good size and strength. He got a lot of putbacks and was able to step out to hit a three. Compared to the other 2026s in that group, he towered over them and was effective using that size to his advantage. If Bach continues to refine his skills, he should be a productive big in a few years.

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