2026 & 2027 Spring Showcase Camp Evaluations

We had our spring showcase camp last Sunday that featured some good talent from around the Chicago area. For the 2026 and 2027 players who were in the first group, here are the evaluations.

Ali Tharwani (5’11 PG, Marmion 2026)

Tharwani’s ball control and shooting ability stood out throughout the camp. He’s a deceptive and quick decision maker who can weave in and out of tight spaces well. Running the point primarily during the scrimmages, he found teammates in stride in transition and was a productive pick-and-roll ball-handler. Tharwani has a consistent outside shot with deep range that extended out past the college line off of the dribble. Look for Tharwani to make an immediate impact as a transfer at Marmion.

Angel Abundez (5’8 PG, Yorkville 2027)

Despite giving up some size, Abundez was able to find some ways to contribute both in the drills and during the scrimmages. Another slick ball-handler, Abundez has a variety of moves to get separation and leaned on his perimeter shot from 18 feet and out as a primary source of offense. I liked how he pushed the pace and made an effort to apply ball pressure throughout the day as well.

Austin Carlsen (6’0 SG/SF, Wauconda 2027)

For an incoming freshman, Carlsen has good length for a wing and looks like he still has plenty of growing to do physically. In the individual drills, his jumper looked solid once he got his feet set and he covered ground well to get to the rim in only a few dribbles. Carlsen’s activity defensively getting tips and deflections was noteworthy in the 5-on-5 play.

Ben Gillmar (6’4 SF/PF, Wheaton North 2027)

Gillmar had a very good showing on both ends of the floor with his athleticism and toughness. The lefty gets off of the ground quickly and with force, skying for rebounds in traffic and causing problems around the rim as a shot blocker. His timing and IQ defensively were evident during live segments. Gillmar was early to the help side, contested everything vertically, and showed the ability to lock down in space or in the post using his wingspan. On offense, he gets above the rim well as a roll threat or attacking from the high post off of the dribble, using spins and scoops to score inside. Gillmar has a good-looking shooting stroke as well. As he continues to polish his skills, he has a bright future with how hard he plays with that athleticism and size.

Bennett Kammes (6’0 PG/SG, Glenbard West 2027)

Of all of the guards in attendance, Kammes was one of the better passers during drills and scrimmages. He sees plays a step ahead and anticipates openings, whether teammates are cutting, running out in transition, or spacing the floor when defenders help over. The 6-foot guard delivered some dimes on the move and excelled making interior passes. On the wing and from the corners, Kammes shot the three well and has a high release point when spotting up that makes it tough to contest. There is a lot to like about the way he moves and recovers with his length defensively at the point guard spot as well. Kammes has plus vision and scoring instincts that should translate well.

Brady Johnson (6’2 SF, Glenbard West 2027)

Another promising Hiltopper, Johnson is a well-built wing who seeks out contact and finishes strong. Surprisingly agile for his age at 6-foot-2, Johnson was driving closeouts and outrunning defenders in transition before using his physicality to complete plays. Johnson connected on a few jumpers in games and during individual drills from three and off of pull-ups inside of the lane lines. At this stage, Johnson already looks like a player who will be able to guard three spots effectively and pose as a mismatch on the other end.

Brady Tunkel (6’3 SG, Joliet Catholic 2026)

Tunkel is a legitimate 6-foot-3 wing who can score the ball and defend in different ways. As a help defender, he disrupts passing lanes and has the ability to block shots when recovering. He was using his size to get downhill against guards and showed some craftiness against size when help came over. Tunkel takes bumps well and has some different finishes with his left hand to use to score inside. In drill work, he had a smooth pull-up and compact shot from three that will produce good results at the varsity level in time.

Brock Wardlow (5’11 SG, Downers Grove North 2026)

Wardlow kept the ball popping around on offense during scrimmages and was an opportunistic off ball mover during drills. He was mainly off of the ball and was able to show some ability spacing the floor in catch and shoot situations. Defensively, he was on time and played in the gaps well to stop driving lanes.

Brody Goehrig (5’7 PG, Glenbard West 2027)

One of the smaller guards at the event, Goehrig showed a ton of confidence and perimeter shooting that is going to magnify as he grows. He’s got a quick lefty stroke with a very good follow through to his shot that allows him to knock down shots from deep range. Threes were coming off of handoffs, ball screens, and kick outs for Goehrig and he was fearless taking and making some tough ones. That kind of long-range shooting has value at any level, but he also was scrapping for loose balls and competing defensively as well which was good to see.

Christopher Kirkpatrick (6’1 PG, New Trier 2026)

Kirkpatrick was terrific on both ends, playing with pace on offense and aggressiveness on defense. Whenever he was guarding the ball, he made guys uncomfortable and used his footwork to cut off scorers while being physical without fouling. He was excellent on that end. As an offensive threat, he used his handle to shake off tight defense and hit numerous stop-and-pop shots from three and in the mid-range. Kirkpatrick is a cerebral floor general who was setting up ball screens, holding off defenders once he got an advantage, and choosing his angles of attack well throughout 3-on-3 and the scrimmages. He’s a high-level shooter but also scored inside with floaters and tough finishes in crowds. Kirkpatrick is among the better two-way PGs in the class.

Colin Cimino (6’3 SF, Riverside Brookfield 2026)

Cimino has ideal length and shooting ability for a wing player. He came out firing during the scrimmages and remained active throughout with a number of threes off the catch or one dribble to get his balance. Cimino can shoot it off of movement and has a frame that indicates that he may still be growing. The long strides and wiry build helped him inside to extend around help defenders to score and get a good shot contest on opposing shooters.

Daniel Sepulveda (6’2 SF, Plainfield East 2026)

A tactical and aggressive wing, Sepulveda worked his way to the paint with hard cuts and deliberate drives where he took his time and used his body to shield off defenders. In drills especially, the sophomore was moving with a purpose but without seeming rushed with the ball. Once live segments began, he started to show his shooting potential making a couple of deep ones and displaying a good base to his shot. For a wing, he rebounds the ball well below the rim and gets solid box outs to clear space.

Drew Wardlow (5’11 SG, Downers Grove North 2026)

The outside shooting stood out off of the catch for Drew Wardlow. When he has time and space, he’s a capable spot up threat and delivered on a few during the 5-on-5 segments. Wardlow ran his lane in transition well and found ways to cut and stay active offensively in the half court.

Jimmy Parrilli (5’10 PG/SG, ICCP 2027)

Another one of the younger players at the event, Parrilli was shooting it well from the wings when he had opportunities. He was shot ready and was confidently stepping into looks when his defenders stepped off. Parrilli initiated the break and made sound decisions a couple of times as well.

John Vlahos (6’1 PG/SG, York 2026)

Vlahos has solid size for a combo guard and used it well to facilitate and make plays within the flow of things. He didn’t force anything on offense and was a ball mover at times when he didn’t have scoring looks. His timely cutting and energy out in the open court led to some quality looks and finishes. Vlahos showed off the ability to knock down open jumpers during drills and is a reliable floor spacer.

Kayleb Young (6’7 C, Kenwood 2027)

A big-bodied 6-foot-7, Young was able to score on the inside over or through defenders. His instincts and hands as a roll man and diver were impressive, particularly in traffic where he kept the ball high and converted most of his chances. He seals off smaller defenders deep and doesn’t put it on the ground in the paint unless he needs to. Although he has elite size at his age, Young’s jump shot was notable. He has a legitimate, fluid three-point shot and knocked down a couple during the scrimmages. He pulled in multiple offensive rebounds and was always around the paint defensively. Look for Young to be one of the top bigs in the 2027 class.

Logan Luxem (6’0 PG, Hersey 2026)

At times, Luxem was as difficult of a cover as anyone at the camp. The way he changes speeds and has the acceleration to blow by defenders on command led to constant advantages off of isolations and ball screens. He’s got the ball on a string and already understands how to size up defenders to get shots. Luxem connected on a couple of hesitation pull-up threes and got into the paint where he had one-foot fall aways, floaters, and scoops working all day. The Hersey point guard has grown a good amount physically since last year and is more adept at rebounding and going coast to coast now. His ball screen decision making was very good during drills and scrimmages dissecting the coverage well.

Mahari Thatch (6’0 PG/SG, Glenbard North 2026)

Thatch was dynamic and assertive all afternoon from a number of different spots. When he was the primary ball-handler, he used ball screens to knife to the rim and draw contact before making his layups. He has a different gear than most kids in his class, able to explode to the basket and make big-time plays. Thatch may have had the play of the day with a poster dunk in transition off of a steal following some good ball pressure. And that’s coming from a 6-foot guard. He really commits to irritating opposing guards and turning them in the open court. Thatch has good passing sense when defenders collapse and was able to hit a few jumpers. After playing varsity as a freshman, Thatch should take a big jump for Glenbard North this year.

Noah Emmanuel (6’9 SF/PF, Whitney Young 2027)

You don’t see many 6-foot-9 players at any level who are comfortable hitting turnarounds and pull-ups in space, let alone a high school freshman. Emmanuel was using his feathery touch and footwork to hit an array of mid-range shots and threes with a clean and repeatable release and great balance. He was patient getting to his spots around the foul line and used shimmies and other fakes before hitting turnarounds over contesting hands. Some of the baseline shots and ball-handling moves were next level at his size and seemed too effortless for Emmanuel. He also showed some athleticism and timing defensively walling up on the interior and snagging rebounds at the rim. Emmanuel has a chance to be a high-level prospect and it would be hard to see him not viewed among the top in the incoming class.

Reese Dumpit (5’5 PG, St. Charles East 2026)

Size is great to have, but skill is often king. Dumpit was unshakable with the ball and managed to find a multitude of ways to score on the inside. He used euro steps, high-arching floaters, and some start-and-stop moves very well during live segments. Ball screens came frequently on his team, and he made sure that either he or his teammates got good shots off of the action. He regularly got around primary defenders and had a couple of really nice no-look passes. Dumpit hit a three and short pull-ups when he had some room with the ball. He’s going to find a way to contribute to winning.

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