Prospects For College Coaches To Watch At Riverside Brookfield

Aurora Christian

Cam Morel (6’3 SG, 2024) – physical shooter that plays with toughness

Marshawn Cocroft (5’10 PG, 2026) – creative, seasoned lead guard that shows up in big moments. Consistently gets to paint


Kelton McEwen (6’2 PG, 2024) – lights out shooter who can create off of ball screens and get his own shot. High-academic, high-character low-major/D2 prospect. 4-year starter

Nathan Scearce (6’4 SG, 2024) – perimeter shooter who has grown and added good muscle over the last few years. Another 4-year player


Nate Nazos (6’0 PG, 2024) – dual-sport point guard with good IQ and feel for the game. Sets the table well

CJ Valente (6’4 SF, 2024) – strong wing/forward who rebounds and can hit outside shots with time


Blake Fagbemi (5’10 PG, 2025) – fast lefty that manufactures offense in space. Excels in the open floor

Colin Stack (6’11 PF, 2026) – promising rim protector who walls up and recovers from help side. Soft touch and good shot mechanics. Still growing into body

Jayden Wright (5’9 PG, 2026) – very savvy and quick point guard that can score or facilitate in the flow of the offense

Gabriel Sularski (6’6 SG, 2026) – big guard with mature skillset. Can shoot on the move, score in traffic, and playmake effectively. Going to be really good

Parker Sulaver (6’6 PF, 2024) – rough, tough 4-year varsity player. Does the dirty work well and has some shooting range


Elijah Lovemore (6’3 PG, 2025) – one of the top passers in the class. Natural vision and good size to see over defense. Big wingspan and solid defensive instincts

Jaden Clark (6’5 SF, 2024) – experienced forward that can score inside and defend both spots

Marcus Everhart (6’5 PF, 2024) – high-energy four that guards all over the floor

Payton Edwards (6’3 SG, 2025) – scoring lefty guard who is just scratching the surface. Good build and downhill attacking style

Santana Flowers (6’6 SF, 2024) – slasher with projectable physical traits

Vince Kelly (5’10 PG, 2025) – defensive hound and pace setter


DJ Strong (5’10 PG/SG, 2024) – strong combo guard. Plays bigger than size around the rim as a finisher

Jason Lawani (6’3 SF, 2024) – active wing that will battle for positioning and compete

Josh Aniceto (5’10 PG, 2024) – pace setter with a quick first step. Always sets the tone with energy and effort

JT Pettigrew (6’6 PF, 2025) – constantly improving face-up four has a college-ready body and legitimate floor spacing ability

Bradley Bourbonnais

Anthony Kemp (6’5 SG, 2024) – versatile off guard/wing who can initiate offense, run his lanes, and finish above the rim. Will be a plus defender at the college level

Nick Allen (6’10 C, 2025) – productive, intriguing big who runs like a deer, protects the rim at a high level, and shows post footwork and moves on the block. Mid-to-High Major Division 1 center who could be the best IL big in the class

Brother Rice

Cale Cosme (5’8 PG, 2024) – scrappy, ultra-competitive point guard who makes things happen. Impressive vision and feel off of ball screens. Long-range shooter

Marcos Gonzales (6’3 PG/SG, 2025) – lanky and athletic combo guard. Plays well off of the ball as a cutter and quick decision maker

Zavier Fitch (6’7 PF, 2024) – modern face-up four. Can shoot it, put it on the deck, and score as an outlet on P&Rs. Scholarship-level potential

Burlington Central

Myles Lowe (6’6 PF, 2024) – face-up four that can score off pick-and-pops or with hooks and turnarounds from 15-and-in

Aidan Wilson (6’10 C, 2024) – raw big with size who makes interior passes and has some flashes scoring with back to basket

Jake Johnson (6’5 SF/PF, 2025) – volume spot-up shooter with physical build to invert to the post


Carlos Harris (6’2 PG/SG, 2024) – strong downhill guard that can heat up quickly. Solid court vision when he gets cut off and projects as a solid positional defender. D1 level combo guard

Christian Brockett (6’2 SG, 2024) – aggressive defender who takes tough matchups well. Attacks well in the open space

Will Gonzalez (6’5 SG, 2024) – smooth offensive player with ideal length for a two guard

De La Salle

Ali Mbaye (6’8 PF, De La Salle 2024) – raw, developing post who excels on the defensive end

Richard Lindsey (6’4 SF, De La Salle 2024) – slashing wing with plus athleticism. Rebounds out of his area well

Tavariyuan Williams (6’6 SF, 2024) – physically gifted wing with potential as a one-on-one scorer. Moves well and gets to his pull-up well


Charlie Robin (6’2 SG, 2024) – hard-working guard who can stretch the floor. High-academic D3 recruit who is just scratching his physical and athletic potential

Drew Rodgers (6’8 C, 2025) – above-the-rim rim runner with a mature frame

Jake Pollack (6’7 SF, 2026) – nice long-term upside. Long-strider who looks like he will get a lot stronger. Handles it, shoots it, and can guard multiple spots

DePaul Prep

Jaylan McElroy (6’7 SF/PF, 2024) – elite defender. Possibly the best all-around defender in the state. Rebounds above the rim and will produce off the ball as a slasher and cutter

Jonas Johnson (6’6 SF, 2025) – spot up shooter that does a nice job putting it on the ground

Makai Kvamme (5’11 PG, 2025) – smart lead guard who is a high-level decision maker

PJ Chambers (6’0 PG/SG, 2024) – scoring guard able to play on or off of the ball

Robert Walls (5’11 PG, 2025) – fast end-to-end ball-handler who pushes the pace

Downers Grove North

Alex Miller (6’5 SG, 2024) – high-academic wing shooter that competes on the defensive end and the glass

Jack Stanton (6’2 PG, 2024) – elite off-the-bounce scorer who is among the top shooters in the state. Work ethic and competitiveness separate him. Mid-to-high D1 kid

Jake Riemer (6’8 PF, 2024) – athletic rim runner with the physical presence to be a bruiser and lob threat at the next level. LM/D2 big man

Downers Grove South

Daniel Sveiteris (6’6 SF/PF, 2025) – projects best as a mismatch at the four in college. Hustles, shoots the three, and rebounds well

Justin Sveiteris (6’7 PF, 2024) – tough inside scorer with a good back-to-basket game and a nose for the ball. High-academic D3 post recruit

East St. Louis

Dainen Rucker (6’5 PG, 2024) – great size and projectability on both ends. Lives in the paint off of penetration and has a combination of creativity and patience

Davis Bynum (6’8 SF/PF, 2024) – athletic, long-armed combo forward who has some promising perimeter skills. Works best in transition and attacking with long strides. Good upside.


Morgan Brown (6’5 SF, 2024) – defensive-minded forward with a powerful build. 3-and-D upside

Glenbard North

JJ Hernandez (6’6 SF, 2024) – great length and defensive potential. Guards on the wing and in the post. Can score as a straight-line driver

Jalen Crues (6’7 SF/PF, 2024) – long-term wing that has a ton of physical tools. Capable three-point shooter with long range and some handle

Josh Abushanab (6’4 SF, 2026) – wiry, versatile wing who looks like he’s going to add multiple inches.

Mahari Thatch (6’0 PG, 2026) – athletic lead guard with good flashes as a downhill scorer and facilitator

Glenbard West

Dom Seaney (6’5 SF, 2025) – good size and a do-it-all game. Capable shooter, rock solid defender, and a strong rebounder

Glenbrook North

Josh Fridman (5’9 PG, 2024) – defensive irritant with good hands and anticipation. Makes sound decisions and can score with floaters and long threes. Quick first step

Owen Giannoulias (6’0 PG, 2024) – smart lead guard who is tough as nails and rarely turns it over. Very high academic Division 3 recruit

Sam Lappin (5’10 PG, 2024) – college-ready on-ball defender that knows how to run the show or score as needed

Glenbrook South

Anestis Hadjistamoulou (6’0 PG, 2025) – scoring point guard who can make plays off of ball screens

Nate Kasher (6’0 PG, 2024) – very long-range shooter that can knock down shots from different angles

Nick Taylor (6’7 PF, 2024) – bruising four that has an endless motor. Relentless rebounder, cutter, and finisher with range to the three-point-line. Potential scholarship recruit


Adam Page (6’6 SG, 2025) – skilled and lanky off guard that can step out and knock down shots or drive closeouts

Hinsdale Central

Dillon Orozco (5’10 PG, 2025) – competitive shot-maker that makes plays off the bounce

Tyler Thick (6’7 C, 2025) – big five man who runs hard and shows potential stretching the floor

Hinsdale South

Ayden Farrare (6’3 SG/SF, 2025) – very athletic slasher that gets above the rim well. Developing offensive game

Brendan Savage (6’2 SG, 2024) – well-built two-guard that projects as a D3 catch-and-shoot threat

Chris Bolte (6’5 PF, 2026) – solid, athletic, high-IQ forward that shoots it well off of the catch and drives more like a wing than a post. Should be very good with time

Jack Weigus (6’1 PG, 2025) – three-point shooting PG who you can run off of screens and use as a P&R ball-handler

Homewood Flossmoor

Carson Brownfield (6’3 PG/SG, 2024) – bruising combo guard. Loves to get to the rim off of the catch

Gianni Cobb (5’11 PG, 2024) – talented playmaker who makes things happen on both ends. Division 1 point guard

Jayden Tyler (6’0 PG, 2025) – high-IQ pick-and-roll player who has deceptive athleticism and length. Another Division 1 guard

Mac Hagemaster (6’8 PF, 2024) – rugged interior post player that sets hard screens, rolls hard, and finishes in crowds. Good rebounder who walls up on defense

Hyde Park

Jurrell Baldwin (6’6 SF, 2024) – knockdown outside shooter with a Division 1 frame and defensive potential at both forward spots. Good balance and finish to his shot. Has a solid off the dribble game at this point

Joliet West

Drew King (6’8 C, 2024) – punch spot and roll outlet that is starting to dunk everything. Good defensive presence

Justus McNair (6’3 SG, 2024 – Valpo commit)

Rajan Roberts (6’0 PG, 2026) – as dynamic of a guard as there is in the class. Can create shots on command and sees the floor well


Larenz Walters (6’1 PG, 2024) – plays with force on drives and has shown ability to score in volume as a primary ball-handler

Lincoln Williams (6’4 SG, 2026) – has a chance to be really good. Hyper-athletic wing that takes great angles to the rim


Aleks Alston (6’9 SF, 2025) – high-major wing prospect with shooting range, handle, and elite size

Calvin Robins (6’5 SF/PF, 2024) – as energetic as any player in the state. Constant presence on the glass with a 40+ inch vertical. C&S jump shot is developing

Isaiah Green (6’0 SG, 2024) – two-way two-guard with some athleticism and slashing ability. Has been a threat to catch fire from three

Jaden Smith (6’11 C, 2024) – great size and length. Flashes face-up ability at times. Filling out physically right now. Protects the rim well in his area

Noah Mister (6’0 PG, 2026) – long-range shooter with good court vision at his age

Lake Forest

Tommie Aberle (6’2 PG, 2024) – tough, aggressive, versatile point guard. Does a lot of things well

Dominic Mordini (6’1 PG, 2026) – wiry, skilled point guard who can get his own shot

Lake Park

Cam Cerese (6’3 PG, 2024) – relentless two-way point guard who can score in bulk at an efficient rate. Excellent mid-range scorer with three-point range and length to score inside. Scholarship recruit

Dennasio LaGioia (6’2 SG, 2024) – bruising guard that can stretch the floor

Tommy Rochford (6’5 PF, 2024) – traditional pick-and-pop big. Constant threat as a spot-up shooter

Lane Tech

Dalton Scantlebury (6’6 PF, 2025) – inside-out four that moves well. Very productive rebounder on both ends. D2+ upside

Drew Bartolai (6’3 SG, 2025) – slashing, athletic guard that wants to get to the paint. Nice size

Shaheed Solebo (6’5 SG, 2024) – lefty scoring guard who is able to make plays in the offense. Solid rotation piece at the LM/D2 level


Jakob Blakley (6’0 PG, 2024) – mid-range scorer and pick-and-roll guard. Makes winning plays on the defensive end

Lincoln Park

Keyshawn Barfield (6’8 C, 2025) – big-bodied center with some promising touch

Lincoln-Way East

BJ Powell (5’9 PG, 2026) – productive shooter with very deep range and crafty finishing ability

Karson Thomas (6’3 SG, 2026) – high-flying wing that has a mature frame. Powerful attacker of the rim


Je’Shawn Stevenson (6’3 SG, Lindblom) – smart, slithery scorer that can finish with finesse or power. Great body control and understanding for how to get shots. Division 1 guard prospect

Quentin McCoy (6’2 SG, Lindblom) – athletic guard that plays off and on the ball. Solid passer


Bryce Turner (5’10 PG, 2025) – crafty point guard with some scoring and passing prowess

Logan Cooper (6’2 SG, 2024) – long-armed scoring guard. Does a lot of damage in transition

Loyola Academy

Brendan Loftus (6’7 PF, 2025) – big, mobile, multi-sport athlete who rebounds, finishes, and defends well. A winner

Jimmy Tarjan (6’5 SF, 2024) – perimeter scorer who will be a 3-and-D threat at the D3 level

Miles Boland (6’1 SG, 2024) – shoot-first guard who has shown the ability to use strength to score inside. Rock solid defender and a quality leader


Brady Chambers (6’6 PF, 2024 – Michigan State baseball commit)

Liam Taylor (6’8 SF, 2024) – tons of upside as a mid-post scorer and stretch forward. Handles it well at his size

Michael Reilly (6’3 SG, 2024) – projects best as a shooter at the Division 3 level

Marian Catholic

James Bullock Jr. (6’7 PF, 2024) – active forward who stays around the ball. Improving face-up game

Zack Sharkey (6’1 SG, 2025) – versatile two-guard who defends the guard spots and can create off of the dribble for himself and others


Achilles Anderson (6’4 PF, 2025) – rebounding machine that stays in motion

Adoni Vassiliakis (5’10 PG, 2026) – a ball hawk who will be a pest at the next level

Keshaun Vaval (6’0 PG, 2025) – back to full strength and possessing upper body strength, speed, and scoring instincts that project well to the next level

Marquis Vance (6’2 SG, 2025) – an asset in the open floor and driving closeouts in the half court

Stephen Brown (6’8 PF, 2026) – highly gifted physically. Division 1 football prospect as well. Finishes in traffic and sprints the floor like a guard

Metea Valley

Jake Nosek (6’8 SF, 2025) – a true stretch four and pick-and-pop threat. Shows some flashes as a shot blocker as well. Very smooth offensively

Will Ashford (6’6 SF, 2024) – solid wing athlete with a good-looking perimeter shot. Can create separation in space at times

Mount Carmel

Angelo Ciaravino (6’6 SG, 2024) – fluid athlete who has a solid handle, aggressive attacking style, and efficient moves to get to his jumper. Some P&R upside. Lanky defender and a fierce competitor. Targeted low-major D1 recruit

Cam Thomas (6’3 PG, 2025) – explosive scorer who can get all the way to the rim through contact or stop on a dime for a shot. Could be a very good on-ball defender with strength. Division 1 upside

Christian Uremovich (6’6 SF/PF, 2024) – workhorse who has versatility on both ends. Great communicator with active hands on defense. Runs the floor and doesn’t need touches to make impact

Grant Best (6’2 PG/SG, 2025) – tall combo guard that does his damage from 15-feet and out. Good three-point shooter and nice lift on his jumper

Lee Marks (6’5 SG/SF, 2024) – high-level defender with true switchability. Run-and-jump athleticism leads to lobs and putbacks. A willing cutter who thrives in space. Division 1 wing

Naperville North

Bryce Welch (5’11 PG, 2024) – heady lead guard able to orchestrate or finish

Luke Williams (6’1 PG, 2024 – Purdue football commit)

Neuqua Valley

Luke Kinkade (6’2 SG, 2024) – lights-out shooter that shoots incredibly well off of movement and with hands in his face. Ideal elevation and conditioning off of the ball. A Low-Major/Division 2 prospect

New Trier

Colby Smith (6’3 PG, 2025) – hard-nosed point guard that has a knack for scoring. Tight handle and aggressive nature around the rim give him an edge. Should be a high-academic D1/D2 recruit

Ian Brown (6’5 SF, 2024) – physically strong, athletic wing with an effortless release from three. Could be a high-level shooter at a high-academic D3 program

Logan Feller (6’4 PG/SG, 2024) – another high-academic recruit. Tall, cerebral point guard that can hit an open three and defend three spots on the perimeter

Niles North

Hunter Gawron (6’5 PF, 2025) – powerful and agile forward that has a chance to be really good. Promising shot mechanics

Reid Olson (6’1 PG, 2025) – excellent shooter with volleyball-line range. Quick release and high-IQ to get space for his shot on and off of the ball

Yaris Irby (5’11 PG, 2025) – lefty point guard with nice court vision and a pitbull play style. Finds different ways to get into the lane to make plays and has a standstill three-point shot that should translate

Notre Dame

Brady Sehlhorst (6’6 SG, 2025) – long-armed wing that just knows how to score. Gets shots off of the dribble and has floaters and other push shots to score inside. Good athlete above the rim


Jaeden Rush (6’1 PG/SG, 2024) – rangy combo guard looking to get shots in open space. Shows his handle best in transition and off of isolation

Oswego East

Jehvion Starwood (6’3 PG, 2024) – elite athlete with serious open-court burst. Smart playmaker who has that dog mentality. Has progressed as a shooter both off of the catch and with his elbow pull-up. Very good defender. Will be a Division 1 guard

Mason Lockett (6’2 PG/SG, 2024) – long, rangy guard who looks like he’s going to get a lot taller. Has a nice pull-up game and passes it well

Noah Mason (6’5 SG/SF, 2024) – a D3-level wing who can shoot the three, attack in straight lines, and defend both wing spots. Plus athlete in space

Rich Township

Jamson Coulter Jr. (6’2 PG, 2026) – among the top guards in the class. Already able to bully players on drives and has an array of ways to finish. Gets to his spots very well and creates for teammates

Victor Brown (6’6 PF, 2024) – powerful big who keeps the ball high and defends the rim

Riverside Brookfield

Cameron Mercer (6’0 PG/SG, 2026) – solid shooter with some playmaking feel. Will be an impact player as he continues to fill out

Stefan Cicic (7’0 C, 2024) – a load in the low post. Has hooks and dropsteps inside. Rebounds and blocks shots in his area and has the touch to indicate that his range will continue to expand

Rolling Meadows

Ian Miletic (6’6 SG, 2025) – smooth, versatile guard with great size and feel for the game. Makes plays out of ball screens, shoots the three, and has quick shots and good footwork inside. D1 prospect still hasn’t hit physical or athletic peak


Meyoh Swansey (6’2 SG, 2024) – mid-range master with very good athletic pop. Gets up well and has become more consistent from three

Mickeis Johnson (6’3 SF, 2026) – powerful wing scorer that leans on athletic prowess. At a good stage from a physical and motor standpoint

TJ Lee (6’2 PG/SG, 2024) – slashing combo guard. Will take and make threes when given space from three


Jordan Tunis (5’10 PG, 2025) – a blur in open space. Controls the tempo and makes others better. Will take over the scoring load as needed

Javonte McCoy (6’0 SG, 2025) – lane runner, cutter, and direct-line driver that is an above-average athlete


Andre Tyler (6’3 PG, 2026)- long point guard that plays with a flair for scoring and playmaking

DeKwon Brown (6’3 PG, 2024) – scoring lead guard. Manufactures offense off of ball screens as a shooter off the dribble, driver with floaters, and passer. Low-to-mid major D1 guard prospect

Lorenzo Shields (6’2 PG/SG, 2025) – has a lot of attacking moves that are used to get to his spots. Seems comfortable scoring in traffic

RJ McKinnie (6’2 PG/SG, 2024) – tough defender who can shoot the three

St. Charles East

Jacob Vrankovich (6’4 PF, 2024) – D3-level four man. Crashes the glass hard, goes up strong through contact, and has the body and energy to work in ball screens

St. Ignatius

Phoenix Gill (6’3 PG, 2025) – intelligent, hyper-athletic guard who gets downhill at will, facilitates on the move, and knocks down pull-ups consistently. A high-level transition weapon with the strength, quickness, and anticipation to be a plus defender at the next level. HM recruit

Sam Horenkamp (5’10 PG, 2024) – would be a reliable D3 point guard. Low-turnover, high-assist PG who changes speeds well. Savvy and competitive defender and scorer

St. Laurence

Caleb Lindsay (6’5 SF, 2025) – rangy wing who can play bigger than his size with his length. Solid versatility

EJ Mosley (5’11 PG/SG, 2025) – dynamic scoring guard with ball control and the gift to break down defenders. Division 1 talent

Jacob Rice (6’3 SG, 2025) – physical two-guard. Mid-range scorer first with the ability to knock down threes and operate out of the post

Josh Pickett (6’5 SG, 2024) – big-bodied guard garnering Division 1 looks. Can heat up quickly from three and has a college-ready frame

Khalil Jones (6’0 PG, 2025) – isolation point guard that excels at creating advantages with the ball

Nojus Indrusaitis (6’5 SG, 2024 – Iowa State commit)

Zerrick Johnson (6’1 PG/SG, 2025) – operates best as a defender who makes quick decisions in transition. Great frame for a combo guard

St. Patrick

EJ Breland (5’10 PG, 2025) – long-range shooter with a tight handle

Nathan Nano (5’9 PG, 2025) – fast in the open floor but patient in ball screens. Creative finisher against size

Nevaeh Hawkins (6’7 PF, 2025) – a lot of athletic upside. Vertical threat and excellent helpside defender when coming over to block shots

St. Viator

Brandyn Michaels (6’2 SG, 2025) – developing as a two-way guard. Attacks the paint and has the athleticism to continue to defend

Joey Hernandez (5’9 PG, 2025) – defensive-minded guard who gets up and turns ball-handlers

Mitch Humphrey (6’6 SG/SF, 2024) – high-academic D3 recruit. Has size and knocks down threes at a high clip


Aidan Bardic (6’3 PG, 2025) – smart and tough-nosed lefty guard. Sees the floor well and has legitimate strength at the guard spot to make prerequisite passes. Good float game inside

Atticus Richmond (6’7 PF, 2025) – dangerous three-point threat and can drive hard against out-of-control closeouts. Runs and jumps like a wing and is a lob and pop threat after screening. D1 upside

Jack Dabbs (6’7 SF, 2024)- could be a coveted D3 recruit. Size, mid-range scoring, and magnetic rebounding

Rocco Pagliocca (6’2 PG, 2026) – slithery scorer that shoots the lights out and really defends in space


Chase Abraham (6’0 PG, 2024) – active and disruptive defender. Shoots the three well with time

Morez Johnson (6’9 PF, 2024 – Illinois commit)


Arden Eaves (6’3 SG, 2025) – smooth two-guard just scratching the surface. Projects as a floor spacer and slasher at the next level. Has some Division 1 appeal

Ty Wooten (6’4 SG, 2024) – good sized guard capable of cutting to the rim or making some plays with the ball in his hands


Jaxson Davis (6’2 PG, 2027) – advanced point guard who diagnoses plays ahead of time and plays to and through contact. Will be a valued scorer, passer, and defender

Josh Stewart (6’0 PG, 2024) – hard-working guard who projects as a D3 prospect. Scraps defensively, forces turnovers, rebounds, and gets the team settled on offense

Waubonsie Valley

Moses Wilson (6’3 SG/SF, 2025) – blossoming wing with springy athleticism and a huge wingspan. Tons of defensive potential and a steady spot up shot

Treshawn Blissett (6’5 SF, 2024) – versatile wing defender and scorer. Projectable build

Tyreek Coleman (6’0 PG/SG, 2025) – combo guard that can get his own shot

West Aurora

Jordan Brooks (6’2 PG/SG, 2024) – crafty guard with a good burst and finishing ability. Capable and willing passer

Terrence Smith (6’4 SG, 2025) – among the top all-around athletes in the state. Finishes with force above the rim in traffic. Solid handle and shooting mechanics. Flashes lockdown defensive potential. Division 1 wing


Askia Bullie (6’0 PG, 2024) – dual-sport athlete commands the floor and reads defenses well

Wheaton Warrenville South

Luca Carbonaro (6’1 PG, 2025) – plays wise beyond his years. Shot creator, pinpoint passer, and a leader with the ball in his hands

Whitney Young

Antonio Munoz (6’7 SF, 2025) – high-major athleticism and motor. Sprints the floor, attacks with intent, and powers home dunks. Developing nicely as a ball-handler and shooter

Damajay Richardson (5’11 PG, 2025) – quick point guard who defends and drives-and-kicks well

Marquis Clark (6’2 PG/SG, 2026) – stronger combo guard with passing sense. Takes bumps well and could play on or off the ball

Nasir Rankin (6’1 PG/SG, 2026) – electric athlete puts constant pressure on the defense in the paint and with downhill pull-ups

Rico D’Alessandro (6’4 SF, 2026) – big, physical wing that is an explosive leaper. Bulls his way to the rim, rebounds in crowds, and finishes plays

Rykan Woo (6’0 PG, 2026) – high-IQ point guard makes others around him better. More than capable of collapsing the defense to get his own shot, but is a skilled passer on the move.


AJ LeVine (6’0 PG/SG, 2024) – athletic combo guard produces consistently. Makes plays at high speeds and scores in bulk at the foul line, from three, and in the paint. Potential scholarship-level player

Braeden Richardson (6’6 PF, 2024) – forward with a good build who will garner D3 interest. Shows some flashes stepping into threes off of the catch


Bryce Salek (6’5 SF, 2024) – very athletic slasher and rebounder who is always playing above the rim. Has a nice-looking three-point shot and should be a plus shooter in college

Dayvion Johnson (6’0 PG, 2024) – playmaker able to knock down threes with range and get up and guard the ball

Jason Jakstys (6’11 PF, 2024) – defensive stalwart who erases mistakes. Moves very well at his size. Scores with his back to the basket using quick moves and steps out effectively to his threes. Great length to work with. Mid-Major+ prospect

Jory Boley (6’3 SG/SF, 2024) – scoring wing shoots it well and drives closeouts

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