Full Package Showcase Standouts

I was out in Des Plaines for the Full Package showcase on Sunday that was one of the more organized, well-run events I’ve been to so far this year. The coaching and attention to details throughout was good to see. I was there for the three sessions that ranged from the 2024 down to the 2028 classes. Here are some of the standouts.

Arnas Simaitis (6’6 PF, Lake Forest Academy 2025)

Simaitis was dominating on the glass on both ends of the floor throughout the scrimmages. He’s a legitimate 6-foot-6 with some raw strength and athleticism inside that was evident. His defensive presence was valuable as well to contest shots, push guys out to force them to catch it off of their spots, and communicate on the back line. When he got touches offensively, he made a 15-foot jumper and was the recipient of some rolls and dump offs. Simaitis did some nice things beyond simply scoring.

Braylon Gray (6’1 PG/SG, Grant 2025)

Gray has a chance to be really good. The defensive potential stood out right away during the scrimmages with how well he can slide his feet and use his body to control the pace of opposing guards. He was quick getting out to closeouts and showed anticipation when reading eyes in the passing lanes. Offensively, Gray had numerous takes to the rim where he played to and through contact before finishing inside. There is good speed to his game and that ability to spring up off of the ground before defenders can catch up to him. Gray also dropped off some good lead passes in the half court off of a live dribble. He is a player that some local college coaches should be adding to their watch lists.

Caden Anderson (6’2 PG, Marmion 2025)

Anderson was strong in the dribble drive game throughout the showcase. He can finish off of one or two feet in crowds and possesses the body control to evade helpside defenders. A lot of his production came from the wing spots where he could pick his straight-line angles or knock down open threes. When he gets on balance and is in rhythm, his shot comes out nicely from the mid-range as well as he displayed during the drills. Anderson will step into a big role for the Cadets after splitting time as a sophomore.

Ethan Henderson (6’4 SG, Carmel 2025)

It’s always great to come to events like this and see new kids who can really play. Henderson was a standout during the first session with how explosive and physical he was as a bigger guard. With plenty of size to play and defend multiple positions, Henderson was able to make an impact as a rebounder, defender, and volume scorer. When he decided to put his head down to get to the rim, there wasn’t much that most defenders could do to stop him. He keeps his feet moving as a ball-handler and found some tough angles to the paint after initially being cut off. Henderson elevates well around the rim and has the type of open floor game that should be good for a couple easy baskets every game. Only a junior, Henderson is in the right situation at Carmel to develop into a quality prospect.

Gavin Escobedo (6’3 SG, Rolling Meadows 2025)

Escobedo has natural scoring instincts, particularly as an off-the-dribble threat. During the scrimmage portion, he showed off a nice one-to-two dribble pull-up game with elevation and balance when stopping on a dime. He knocked down a couple of threes as well and got inside for a couple of crafty finishes off the glass. Part of a promising junior class for Meadows, Escobedo should have a chance to make a big impact.

Jasir Rogers (5’10 PG, 2027)

The only freshman playing up with the older group, Rogers was among the more dynamic players at the showcase. He has a slick handle that can get him where he needs to on the floor, but it didn’t seem forced at any point. Rogers weaved inside against bigger players and showed body control as a finisher and some feel as a passer when help came over. His shot looked good coming out of his hands and he did make a couple of pull-ups during the scrimmages. Defensively, Rogers moves his feet and has active hands to generate steals. He’s going to be a good player out in Indiana.

Landon Enters (5’10 PG, Grant 2025)

Enters has range on his jumper and should be able to provide some steady decision making going forward as well. Around 5-foot-10, he worked well in ball screens and was able to play off the ball to stretch the floor when other guards were on the court. I’d imagine that he will be a key piece for Grant’s experienced backcourt this year.

Liam Curtin (6’5 SF, Stevenson 2025)

From a long-term prospective, Curtin looked like one of the more promising prospects of the day. Very wiry and lanky at 6-foot-5, he keeps his arms out defensively and disrupts shots with his timing and length. Curtin’s footwork and ability to cover ground in only a few dribbles showed during the shooting drills to start. That was only amplified once the games started, getting to the paint and using spins to shield off defenders before using push shots to score over the top. He’s got good shot mechanics as well off of 15-foot pull-ups and from the three. When he set screens, he kept a wide base and exploded off of them for rolls or pops where he was pretty efficient. Curtin has got some traits that project well, especially when he plays with that type of confidence.

Paulius Karvelis (6’6 SF, Lake Forest Academy 2025)

Size, athleticism, and skill never seem to lack value. Karvelis has some tools to work with and showed a lot of perimeter game during the showcase. He was moving well with the ball in his hands and stayed on balance and under control when attacking from the wing. He made floaters, stop-and-pop jumpers, and got all the way to the rim where his physicality took over. There were times where he looked like a freight train getting to the rim in space, which should lead to plenty of free throw opportunities during the season. During shooting drills, he showed some feel for his catch-and-shoot looks. Karvelis has something there.

Vince Buzelis (6’4 SG/SF, Hinsdale Central 2025)

Now back at Hinsdale Central, Buzelis continues to look like a player on an upward trajectory. He changes ends well in transition and thrived out in the open court as a finisher and playmaker. Buzelis made a couple of pinpoint outlet passes during the scrimmages after pulling in defensive rebounds or using his length to force turnovers. As a shooter, Buzelis has a nice finish to his shot with a compact follow through that should become more consistent with time. His best moments came when making 45 cuts or baseline dives to the rim and using his athleticism and strength to play in crowds. Buzelis is going to be one of the most impactful newcomers in the West Suburban this year.

Will Schubert (6’3 SG, Grant 2024)

Schubert has some different layers to his game that should appeal to coaches. A solidly-built 6-foot-3 wing, he is no stranger to contact and plays with force as a downhill driver. Even during shooting drills, there was a level of burst and urgency when he put the ball on the ground. While Schubert did a good amount of damage inside with direct drives and in transition, he was able to connect on multiple shots from the perimeter, including some threes off the bounce. His athleticism gives him an edge in the mid-post area where he made quick decisions and used bumps to get separation. It was an all-around solid day for a kid who should have a big year for Grant.

Bryden Dohnal (6’2 SG, New Trier 2026)

Of the players at the showcase who I hadn’t really seen much of, Dohnal was the most impressive in this second group. Lanky with plus athleticism at 6-foot-2, he handles the ball low and with pace while possessing a quick first step to blow by defenders. He got up for a dunk in transition with a defender on his hip and shot the three-ball well when he got his feet set. There is a lot to like about his long-term upside if he continues to refine what is already a smooth perimeter game.

Daniel Salkauskas (6’3 SF/PF, 2028)

For only an eighth grader, Salkauskas has a good blend of height, strength, and perimeter shooting. He sprayed in multiple shots from behind the arc with an easy, one-motion shot that had good rotation coming out of his hands. Salkauskas also got into the post on a few occasions and made the simple play to score over the top of the defense or use his footwork and pivots to get an angle. Another young player who we will be keeping tabs on now.

Danny Houlihan (6’3 SG, New Trier, 2026)

Once he got loose, Houlihan was lighting it up from three as he is accustomed to doing. A true knockdown shooter, he had stretches of hitting multiple threes during single quarters during the scrimmage. He does a great job of using his jab step to get defenders off of him and has diversified his offensive game to an extend with more dribble pull-ups and shots in the paint. Houlihan was excellent on the glass throughout the day, battling for offensive rebounds and getting off the ground for defensive boards. Houlihan is a rare high-volume, high-percentage three-point shooter who has a chance to make a meaningful impact up on varsity for a well-coached, promising New Trier group.

Jacob Only (5’10 PG/SG, 2028)

Only was one of the most skilled players of the entire day. He had the ball on a string and had no issue going inside and using a variety of finishes to convert inside. Despite being the youngest player in the group, he was fearless as a scorer and did so from all three levels. His three-point shot was clean with limited wasted movement and his follow through was consistent. What probably stood out the most to me was just how competitive and disruptive he was on the defensive end. He probably is plus-four or five with his wingspan and was turning ball-handlers, picking pockets, and fighting over screens to completely negate any advantage. Only is going to be a difference maker at both ends.

Kevinas Salkauskas (6’5 SF/PF 2027)

For a freshman, Salkauskas has a big frame that should continue to fill out as he matures. That’s noticeable right away, but his skillset at that size is unique. When he had the ball in the mid-post, he made some good decisions and got to his turnaround jump shot well. As a face-up threat, he is a confident straight-line driver who has the body control to go through or around help defenders. He’s also got a nice-looking outside stroke that will be a valuable weapon. Look for Salkauskas to continue to grow and become more of a mismatch for opposing teams.

Max Vogel (6’1 SG, New Trier 2026)

Vogel was slashing to the rim effectively for the majority of the scrimmages. He has very long strides and uses eurosteps well to get around defenders at high speeds. Whenever he had a direct lane to get a head of steam, he didn’t waste any time getting to his spots. The athleticism and attacking nature of his game should serve him well as he gets stronger to take contact on those drives. Vogel is another New Trier sophomore who played well at the showcase.

Dovydas Zuperka (6’4 SF/PF, Stagg 2027)

A stretch forward with really soft touch, Zuperka has a chance to be really good. Already with good height and length, he handled the ball in the open court well and had a couple of quick-twitch moves to get by defenders. He impacts shots inside defensively with his long arms and ability to go straight up. His shooting ability and range was the biggest note. Zuperkais a consistent three-point threat who had multiple threes during the scrimmage that didn’t hit anything but net. As he adds strength, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him get to 6-foot-8 or taller with perimeter skills that could be differentiators.

Hamdi Ayyash (6’1 PF, Lockport 2027)

Ayyash was bullying players inside for putbacks and setting rock solid screens to free up ball-handlers. Much stronger than most players his age, he plays with an edge and welcomes being a bruiser. I liked how he competed on the defensive end and made guys work to get shots. Ayyash added a few threes during the scrimmages and had plenty of nice finishes inside using both hands. An undersized four at this stage, Ayyash has the right type of physicality to play down low as he ages.

Nedas Venckus (6’0 SG, Lockport 2027)

Venckus has some athletic pop getting off of the ground and seemed like a wired scorer. He was one of the more aggressive pull-up shooters in the third group, manufacturing shots from 10-to-18 feet pretty regularly. Venckus also stepped outside and made a handful of set shots from three. There were good moments for him as an on-ball defender with lateral quickness and balance to stay in a stance and recover. The length and instincts are already there, but Venckus should be able to grow into a productive scoring guard.

Nicholas Konchan (5’11 SG, 2027)

Konchan has plus length to go along with an adept finishing ability around the rim. The angles weren’t always the easiest, but he found a way to score inside regularly off of dribble penetration and out in transition when he got the ball in the open court. Also a decent jump shooter, he stepped into threes with confidence during the drills and scrimmages.

Stefan Kiperovic (6’0 SG, Glenbrook South 2027)

Kiperovic was steady throughout the entire showcase on both ends of the floor. The freshman does a little bit of everything offensively, putting it on the ground, hitting the offensive glass, and making open threes. He’s got a solid handle with some shift to make secondary moves off of the bounce. It looks like he’ll continue to grow and has an athletic frame that will play well over the next few years.

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